Shape is a Matter of Taste

When choosing a diamond for your loved ones especially for your future fiancé, a diamond’s shape is a very important consideration.  Although a diamond’s shape is not really a determining factor of quality, women have certain preferences on the shape of the stones on their accessories depending on their taste.

Midi Diamonds is a reputable dealer of wholesale diamonds and loose diamonds that carries a lot of diamond shapes.

The different shapes are asscher, cushion, emerald, heart, marquis, oval, pear, princess, radiant, or round.

The most popular shape is the round brilliant cut.  Research, along with, precise and thorough calculations were made in making sure that the round cut optimizes the brilliance and fire of the diamond.  The symmetry and polish are also important considerations for round-cut diamonds.

The second most popular cut is the princess cut.  It looks square-ish because of the pointed corners.  For engagement rings, it is the most favorite.   The ratio of the length and width of the cut will determine how the diamond will look from the top view.   Colour grades from between D and H look good with the princess cut.

An emerald-cut diamond, although not as popular as the round or princess-cut, emerald-cut diamonds are also preferred. The bottom part is rectangular and the crown looks like a large table.  This, however, makes the flaws more visible. Because of this, if your girlfriend would like the emerald cut, choose these 4C characteristics so it would still look good.

Cut Grade: Ideal, Excellent or Very Good

Colour Grade: D to H

Clarity Grade: FL to VS2

Those are the three most popular and classic diamond cuts preferred by a large number of women.