The more you know about your self storage unit, the better.

Anytime you are choosing a business to give your services to, you want to be sure you are making the right choice. One of the best way you can make the right choice about a big decision is by asking a bunch of questions. When choosing the right storage unit you want to be sure that the facility will be equipped with everything that you will need for the storage rentalsecurity of your belongings and for your convenience. Storage Direct is a widely known storage unit company that is committed to providing individuals with as much information as people. Below is an abridged list of some of the frequently asked questions that Storage Direct gets on a daily basis.

1. What does it mean when you call a unit “climate controlled?” A climate controlled unit is one that protects your belongings from extremes in temperatures. As Storage Direct has storage facilities all over each facility will vary in the type of climate control units they provide, if any.

2. Do you have car, RV and/or boat storage? Indeed Storage Direct does. These services are offered as select locations so call the self storage unit near you to figure out if they offer these services. They offer covered and uncovered storage for cars, RVs and boats.

3. Do you all have moving trucks available? There are certain locations that offer moving trucks. If they don’t offer them then they will have a list of resources for you so you can find companies around you that do offer rental trucks.

4. Are all of  the facility and unit details that are found on the website the same for each location? Each of the unit sizes that are provided are approximate so can vary from location to location but will be relatively the same. Unit features, pricing and availability can vary from location to location so calling around to figure out which units close to you are your best fit is a good idea. As well the coupons and discounts will vary depending on location.

5. How exactly does a self storage unit work? The technical name that California uses is “Self Service Storage Facility” which essentially means that you are provided with your own individual self storage space. You then retain responsibility and control over your stored belongings in accordance with the rental agreement. You will provide your own lock and key and then are able to access your belongings at any time during the access hours.

6. Are their Spanish speaking employees on site? Yes in fact there are. There is quite a large Spanish speaking community at all of Storage Direct’s locations.

7. Are you able to access your storage unit on holidays? Yes! Unlike other storage units, Storage Direct allows you access to your belongings on holidays in addition to all other days. They are typically open 7 days a week though availability varies by location.

No matter what your storage units are, trust Storage Direct to help you take care of your belongings. If you feel you didn’t get your questions answered then feel free to contact them directly.