5 Simple Guides to Carpet Cleaning

Do a quick online search on carpet cleaning and you will find several carpet cleaning method.  From do-it-yourself to carpet cleaning companies, how do you decide which is best to use?  All-Brite Chem-Dry, expert carpet cleaners have laid out several guiding tips when it comes to carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and stain removal.

All-Brite Chem-Dry


Check the paperwork that came in with the carpet.

There are cleaning instructions that usually comes in when the carpet is delivered to your home or office.  If there are no paperworks, you may check with the carpet manufacturer or from a reputable carpet cleaning company like All-Brite Chem-Dry.

Keeping the carpets clean

In the first place, limit how much dirt gets into your carpet.  You can place doormats on all door entries or you can declare shoes-off within the carpeted area.  Having a vacuum handy is very important.  Frequent vacuuming keeps dirt and grit from piling up in the carpet.  The easiest, safest and the most effective carpet cleaning solution is to have them rolled up and taken away for cleaning to expert carpet cleaners like All-Brite Chem-Dry.

2 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Method

1.  Hot water extraction

It is commonly known as steam cleaning.  Having a high water temperature can kill the bacteria and extracts the dirt out from the carpet.  Compared with dry cleaning, hot water extraction is a very deep carpet cleaning method.  Expert carpet cleaners like All-Brite Chem-Dry injects heated water into the carpet which is under pressure and rinses a pretreated solution sometimes it uses soap or detergent that is sprayed on the carpet.  It removes odors, dust mites and bacteria.  The only downside with steam cleaning is it takes a long time to dry out.  If performed properly, the carpet should dry in as most as 4 hours.

2.  Hot Carbonation

This is commonly referred to as dry chemical technique.  This requires about one-fifth of the amount of water used as steam cleaning.  This carpet cleaning don’t employ the use of soap or detergent.  The way soap works is that if not cleaned properly, it attracts itself to dirt, so there’s no risk of leaving any soap residue with the dry chemical method.

Understanding the cleaning cost

Carpet cleaners like All-Brite Chem-Dry invites their clients  to conduct as much research as they can get on about carpet cleaning because it’s not just about the price.  Some cleaning companies charge by square foot, others charge by the room.  You should know what the inclusions of the fee is before the work begins.  It’s recommended to ask for a written quote if it wasn’t offered.

Best to follow instructions

It is best recommended to follow the carpet cleaning instructions that is provided by the carpet manufacturer to make sure you don’t void the warranty of the carpet.  Look for a carpet cleaning company that has an outstanding work history.  This is to ensure that your carpets are well taken cared of in the hands of cleaning professionals.

When in need of expert carpet cleaners, there’s always All-Brite Chem-Dry to the rescue.


Why Work with a Guy like Marty Erzinger

Wealth management encompasses not just financial advice. It also includes legal, accounting and tax services. It also covers the ground of wealth planning. To be able to invest and plan for a considerable amount of fortune, one needs a thorough knowledge on the ins and outs of financial planning. Wealth management, put simply, is enhancing an individual’s finances. It is determining the needs and providing solutions. It is finding areas where investments can prosper.

Wealth management can be a challenging undertaking for most, which is why you will need all the expert help that you can get. Wealth management experts serve as valuable guides for individuals to navigate their wealth planning.

Marty Erzinger

wealth management

There is no one time solution or service in wealth management. It is an ongoing evaluation of needs, applying solutions and exploring opportunities. This is what Marty Erzinger and Sanctuary Wealth Advisors do. They find better ways to grow wealth. They provide wealth advise that is transparent and straightforward. They tell it like it is and offers you a personalized solutions to your financial needs and guids you to achieve your wealth management goals.

Client centric approach

Wealth management must be centered on the needs and goals of the client. Marty Erzinger and his firm make sure that every step of financial management suits the client’s vision for his financial future. Wealth management must be delivered in a consultative manner where the wealth manager sits beside his client to determine his needs and what he is looking to accomplish. These solutions are specifically planned for the client.


The knowledge that experience brings is invaluable. Marty Erzinger has over 31 years of experience on Wall Street. These years has brought him financial know how that only knowing the ins and outs of wealth management can bring. He can assist his clients through all the stages in wealth management using the expertise that he has used to help others become successful.

Recognized expert by his peers

Marty Erzinger is an expert who is considered as one by his peers in the industry. Marty has written for WORTH Magazine where he has shared his expansive knowledge on wealth management. This is an advantage for anyone looking to secure his financial future by growing his wealth.

Let him know what you need

Marty Erzinger is considered a guru and a friend by his many clients. One of the most important components of a successful wealth management is to identify your goals during the early stages. Each person has their own weaknesses and strengths. He will be able to equip you to be able to navigate through your finances and everything that is connected with it such as legal documents, taxes and accounting. He will also be able to guide you through your investments with considerations to the field that you are inclined to.

Wealth management is a comprehensive array of services working together to best suite a client’s goals. Each financial situation is unique and so should these solutions.