Understanding the four C’s of loose diamond purchasing

One of the first things many people learn when buying a diamond for the first time is understanding what each of the four C’s all mean. Because diamonds are of high worth and have some unique items to them certification can be very important. Not all diamonds are graded the same way even though the four C’s are very important the four C’s can be interpreted differently by many people. GIA certified diamonds is one of the well-known certifications in the country. There are other certifications that exist but knowing the difference on how loosely they can be great at this very important. For instance in HRD certified diamond may not be the same diamond when compared to a GIA certified diamond. They may receive different ranks depending on who is certifying them. To understand diamond certification knowing what each of the four seasons all about is also very important. The color is graded by a skill used in the alphabet. The further away goes the less the color is clear and is valuable. The clarity of the diamond is all about how flawless it is. Any type of inclusions or internal blemishes as they are sometimes referred to will give a diamond a different clarity rating. Having a flawless diamond can be quite expensive. The next is the kind of the diamond which is the shape and also the grade of how well it is cat. Making sure that you not only have a clear diamond as well as one with few inclusions as well as making sure that the cut of the diamond is a respectable one can be very important. jck las vegasLast the carat weight have a diamond his how much it is this is one of the harder ones to mistake but knowing that your diamond is happily grade it is one of the more important items that you need to worry about. Without knowing how well your diamond certified can make a big difference in protecting the purchase of you diamond. If you do not insist on purchasing a diamond that is not been properly graded you are taking a big risk. You’re only taking word-of-mouth has face value of the diamond. And being able to have the diamond properly certified you’ll be able to have a better idea of exactly what you have and the value that it is worth. When it comes to diamonds that are very expensive certification also becomes more important. If you are buying any type of diamond that is worth more than just a few thousand dollars being able to ensure that it is properly certified is a big part of owning that diamond. The fact is for some insurance to properly ensure the diamond it will need to be graded properly to show that it is properly valued.  Once you understand about diamonds you can always make a better informed decision about your purchase. Diamonds can be in-depth and complicated proper certification is necessary to ensure that your purchase. Buying loose diamonds can be of great worth to many people. But if you do not taking the time to have it properly certified as to what it is and its color cut and clarity you may be taking a risky move on your part.

Getting the Wholesale Diamonds You Deserve

You looking for loose diamonds today, you should ensure that your listing in the right assistance. You can find the best wholesale dealers today, but you need to ensure that you looking online and that you’re looking both off-line as well. When you look online and off-line you will be able to find some the best dealers, for off-line sources you should look in your yellow pages which will be able to provide you with a list of wholesale dealers in your area specifically. However, if you’re looking for something more specific or something that is more out of the way that you will not find in your local Yellow Pages you should look online. Online sources have become some of the major distributors when it comes to getting wholesale diamonds today. No matter exactly what you’re looking for, you know that you have options and that you will be able to find everything you need. The Internet and the yellow pages will be a great page for you to go on for you to be able to find some the best the most prestigious places when it comes to your wholesale needs. Being a jeweler’s hardware, but you should not feel as though you have any options. You should able to find affordability and you should also be able to find the most prestigious ones yet. If any questions or if you have any concerns with me know today. You have the best and most efficient services provided to you because you deserve only the best, and you should ensure that you get it. Do not allow anybody to addiction success for you today.

Shape is a Matter of Taste

When choosing a diamond for your loved ones especially for your future fiancé, a diamond’s shape is a very important consideration.  Although a diamond’s shape is not really a determining factor of quality, women have certain preferences on the shape of the stones on their accessories depending on their taste.

Midi Diamonds is a reputable dealer of wholesale diamonds and loose diamonds that carries a lot of diamond shapes.

The different shapes are asscher, cushion, emerald, heart, marquis, oval, pear, princess, radiant, or round.

The most popular shape is the round brilliant cut.  Research, along with, precise and thorough calculations were made in making sure that the round cut optimizes the brilliance and fire of the diamond.  The symmetry and polish are also important considerations for round-cut diamonds.

The second most popular cut is the princess cut.  It looks square-ish because of the pointed corners.  For engagement rings, it is the most favorite.   The ratio of the length and width of the cut will determine how the diamond will look from the top view.   Colour grades from between D and H look good with the princess cut.

An emerald-cut diamond, although not as popular as the round or princess-cut, emerald-cut diamonds are also preferred. The bottom part is rectangular and the crown looks like a large table.  This, however, makes the flaws more visible. Because of this, if your girlfriend would like the emerald cut, choose these 4C characteristics so it would still look good.

Cut Grade: Ideal, Excellent or Very Good

Colour Grade: D to H

Clarity Grade: FL to VS2

Those are the three most popular and classic diamond cuts preferred by a large number of women.


Getting the ring of your dreams

Do you find yourself flipping throught the tabloids and stopping to look at every celebrities ring?  Do you secretly, or not so secretly covet the ring of your favorite celebrity?  If so, did you know you can get a ring just like theirs for a fraction of the cost?  It is true, and no I do not mean getting one with fake rocks in it.

Buying loose diamonds is the way to go.  By buying these wholesale diamonds, you can avoid paying the inflated prices that designers charge. This way you are only paying for the value of the stone. Then you  can take the stone to an affordable jeweler and have it set in the setting of your dreams.  There are many jewelers who provide this tailored service and they do so at a much more affordable price.

So, don’t spend you hard earned cash at a big designer store like Tiffany & Co, or Cartier, you will be paying for the name not the quality.  It is much better to find a place that sells loose stones, buy them and have them set seperatly. This is the only way to get the custom ring you want for a price you can afford.

Just be sure that what ever stone you purchase has been properly inspected and certified by a GIA or EGL professional.  You can tell this by looking for the serial number engraved in tiny detail on the stone.  This is only visible with a microscope, or spyglass.