No job too large for General Steel

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It’s hard to tell from this picture because I couldn’t back up any further on the lot to fit it all in the frame, but this airplane hangar has an unsupported span from side to side of over three hundred feet! Just typing that makes me realize what a feat of engineering it really is. You see, with the special type of aircraft we will be storing in here we couldn’t have the traditional I-beams running the length and cross-wise of the structure like you would normall want. When I initially saw the blue prints for the building I knew the only company we could trust to provide us with something amazing would be general steel. The town knew them well because just two years prior they had erected the town recreational center and it is a masterpiece. This area of the county is known for especially harsh winters and very dry hot summers so I was concerned that the steel would be temperamental in these ever changing temperatures but the contractor over at general steel told me their steel could withstand the test of time and weather. I can trust the word of anyone who works at general steel because they have been a trusted business partner of ours for over thirty years. Never once have they been late, over quoted or built a sub par building on any of our commissions. So far their batting average is through the roof…ha! A fitting expression since the roofs they make won’t let a thing through them, not even a single drop of water!

Freedom Tower is Magnificent.

Yesterday, I watched a time lapse video of the construction of freedom tower.  The tower that is being built to replace the fallen World Trade Centers.  The tower is a work of art and although I would have preferred for the tower to be designed by an American I think that the overall building and construction of the piece is inspiring.  The amount of steel and manpower that goes into constructing something like that is truly incredible.  General Steel put in a bid to provide the steel building for the project, but I think the commission tasked with assigning the winning bidders decided that a steel church is not the right message or building to take over the historic space.  Nonetheless, I am very excited that the building will be done with construction soon and that people will finally be able to go over and look at the progress that we have seen in the past ten years.  Truly remarkable when you think of where we were as a country and as a society that long ago.  Unfortunately, we have regressed in many respects.  In human rights, equity, income, and the strengthening of the middle class we have failed miserably.  I only hope that we have the ability to rebound and elect the politicians that can help reverse these trends.  Even though General Steel did not win the contract, it is their ambition that can serve as the American way.  I admire their wanting and trying to establish themselves in complete Freedom Tower and define our future.

America’s Steel Industry

One industry that surely has revolutionized what can be done in America is that of the steel industry. Steel is used to build large structures including buildings. Because of the great strength of steel you can make these types of things possible. General steel can be used to make a large structure that makes it possible for more people to live and work in certain areas. Steel can be used to build large ships and other large structure which can haul massive amounts of cargo. Even large train cars can be built and attached one after another to haul large amounts as cargo as well. Steel is also largely used in the manufacturing industry as well. Machines are built in order to process all kinds of fabrics plastics papers and many more items that we use today. When you look at it, it is truly amazing how many products can be made thanks to steel. You could truly say that steel is the backbone of just about everything that we have in our country today. From all the manufacturing that is done to even the creation of things like cars steel played a major role in the development. In general steel has all the great properties that American needed to start its building force. By having steel and using general steel you are able to build magnificent structures that can be used in many ways. It is a valuable and precious resource that we have and can use. Almost everything we use on a daily basis could disappear if it was not for the fact that steel makes it possible.

Which Company is Best to Hire?

If you have decided to purchase a prefabricated building by a company like General Steel, then you should consider the pros of the situation. First of all these buildings are far more resistant to fire than other materials would be for obvious reasons, but aside from that they are also very cost effective. They can be built very quickly, and there is little to no reason to worry about them collapsing any time soon. For these reasons the creation of these buildings is not hard to justify if you need them, and since they can be used for a variety of purposes they are certainly worth the money being sent. The chance to finally enjoy a new building on your property is within reach, if you are prepared to invest the time in making it happen. Knowing the dimensions and overall measurements of the building you need is very important, as is communicating any questions or concerns you have about the building to the company that is putting it up. Do not hesitate to voice anything that is on your mind during the creation of such an important investment, because it could really come back to haunt you eventually. Making an effort to stay involved with every step of the construction of this building is vital, and if the company you are purchasing from does not listen to you then it is important to to find someone else. Any good company should encourage you to be involved throughout the process, and always make sure you are getting your money’s worth with General Steel.

The Great Depression and Steel

I am not a statistician, but I feel like a large majority of the American population often forgets about its history. Mind you, we are a very young country in comparison to our counterparts in Europe, but sometimes I feel as if our education system doesn’t support historical achievements. Don’t get me wrong, I feel as though they beat the Civil War into our brains so much that I completely lost interest and forgot everything. However, I don’t think that my teachers really explained the significance to the Great Depression to me in school. Heck, I don’t think it was until I went to college that I truly understood the severity of the Great Depression. So if you are like me then let’s have a review session on the steel industry and the Great Depression.

The steel industry in the United States is still a booming industry, but in the early 1900s it blossomed. One of the most influential companies at the time was General Steel. In 1928, General Steel Corporation acquired another large steel company called the Commonwealth. It became a huge supplier for the locomotive industry, which was the major method of transportation at the time for cross country or long distance travel. Then in 1929, the Stock Market crashed. Yet, even when the Stock Market crashed and the Great Depression began, General Steel was still able to make profits. It survived the Great Depression, which ended in the late 1930s. By the time the Great Depression ended the Second World War began, giving General Steel the demand it needed to prosper. General Steel then grew to become a major steel supplier today.

Choosing the Best Metal Structure

Although many have made money on real estate, it is still prudent that in the construction of structures, you go with the lesser expensive materials and construction services but still provide relatively the same quality as their higher-priced counterparts. An assured buck should still not be squandered needlessly. Do not easily be fooled into the belief that the more expensive a product is, the higher its quality its. It is simply not true in some cases or even in a lot of cases. Sometimes, it just so happens that the company has a good supply chain. They find a supplier who can grant huge discounts over large purchases, a more efficient delivery system and more efficient operations. Certainly, you need to check out and investigate further the quality of a company’s products and services before automatically concluding that just because they are high-priced they are good. That is why in sourcing quality pre-engineered steel I-beam framed buildings, always go for General Steel. They can handle buildings of any size. Plus, they give you a Project Manager at no additional cost. They do their business over the web exclusively allow you to contact them over the phone or directly online. That is another source of savings for you. General Steel also provides a 50-year warranty . Just to prove that cost is not directly proportional to quality all of the time, General Steel’s products carry 50,000 pounds per square inch. That means that their steel can carry as much as 50,000 pounds per square inch. How is that for durability?

General Steel And Loyal Customers

With any good company there are going to be people who are loyal to the company and want you to know what a great job they did for them. On the General Steel website there are testimonials of people who have worked with General Steel and bought their pre-engineered, heavy duty, reliable, and high quality steel structures. When a company does something well and treats their customers with respect as well as helps them get exactly what they need then people are going to want to talk about it and tell the world about the service that they received. There are numerous reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on the General Steel website. Some of the things that people have to say about General Steel include how helpful they are and how they helped the person find just what they were looking for. It can be great to read reviews of companies so that you can get an idea of what you are going to get with them. These are real people who have worked with General Steel and know how great of a company that they are. These are people who want to say thank you to General Steel because they know that they got the best deal and the highest quality steel pre-engineered building out there. These are people who want to recommend General Steel to you because they know how important it is to work with a company that is going to help you and a company that you can trust.

Keep Build Up and Beyond

It is always nice to come across a positive review of steel buildings used in our community. In this recent review, a steel building was used for a growing church group in Wyoming by General Steel.I am the director of a church group here in Green River, Wyoming. Since my church started in 2001, we have been steadily growing and acquiring several new members each year. It is hard to say exactly how many members we have at this point versus when we initially started, but it is getting to be a very large number. I knew with the continued expansion, we were going to have to get a new building for all of our members. I began doing some research of pre-fabricated buildings and decided we should use a steel or metal building for our church. Not only is the structure durable and supposed to last for years to come, but it is also much less than a traditional brick or wood church building. Once the budget was determined for our new church, I began calling steel building companies across the country to figure out who would offer me the best price. After several phone calls, I determined that General Steel would be my best bet for a well designed building that fit my budget. As soon as I signed the contract with General Steel, I had a team of contractors calling me about getting the building in place. To my surprise, the building was fully functional three weeks later and my congregation began meeting there. I am so glad I decided to use a steel building and will use steel buildings in the future if we continue to expand. - Stan M., Lutheran Church of Green River For more information about steel buildings used for churches, visit General Steel.

Five types of structural elements for steel buildings

No matter where you go in the world, you can not escape the giant steel structures that make up most city landscapes. General steel buildings are considered strong, long-lasting, and cost-efficient structures.  They come pre-fabricated and are incredibly easy to assemble.

Whether it is in the suburbs or in the city, steel buildings are among the largest structures ever erected.  Examples of these types of structures are a varied as can be like: shopping malls, aircraft hangars, barns,  factories, and warehouses.

They are also flexible.  Which means they can be easily formed to match exactly what yo want.  Nowadays,these structures are also quick and easy to erect. So you can construct a building of any shapes, size or even color. People are also amazed to discover the steel buildings are most effective at keeping your heating and cooling costs.

In addition,  across the board all steel buildings have five major types of structural elements.

Tension members that carry shear forces to pin connections supports

Compression members , which are the column or posts of the structure.

Bending members are the beams, purlins or girders.

Combined force members are those beam-columns, which are commonly subjected to axial compression and bending.

To bring the whole building together, the steel structure needs connections to join the five major types of structural elements.

These are what make the steel structures the strongest and most durable structure man has ever made.   With out these elements the structures would not be able to withstandinclimate weather, aging, and pests.




Keep movin’ on up

For much of the 1990s and the early 2000s, the American economy was strong.  Companies from all over the country saw an increase in profits.  One of the biggest industries to see such a boom, was the construction industry.  The world was good, and the money seemed to be flowing until 2008. Since 2008, when the economy first began to see signs of a weary future, many construction projects were cancelled, agricultural budgets cut and state assigned projects were marked as on-hold. As such companies like General Steel, who were supplying steel materials to these projects, were entering a period of adjustment.  They now needed to figure out how to make their business model competitive in this new economic market.  They could not afford to wait out the economy.  There was no guarantee on how long this recession would last, and the company needed to figure out a way to survive it. Many similar companies were not able to adapt to the financial times, and went out of business.  In order to survive, General Steel began to roll out a series of discounts to increase their sales. Their discounts also helped by increasing their productivity.  Now their construction anhd agricultural projects were taking half the time, which meant they could move on to the next project quicker. Therefore, they were able to make more money in the long run.  As more clients equals more money. It was the one part of their plan that worked out the best.   It allowed the company to continue to grow, and not face the same uncertanity that similar companies were going through.    

Find Only the Strongest Available

There are many steel manufacturers who will sometimes be able to get with a client to provide prefabricated steel materials that are guaranteed with a warranty if the project begins to show signs of deterioration. With so many things to consider when creating a new steel structure of any kind, make sure that one of the most basic things is correct: only use high quality, heavy duty steel from a manufacturer that will ensure that their product will stand the test of time, weather, and heavy use. It is important to find a top of the line steel building retailers like General Steel that is able to make only the best prefabricated products that will stand up against many different elements for years to come; with so many people that will enjoy a new construction project, there is no reason to cut corners and find anything other then the best. Since there is so little margin for error, those looking for materials should take care to choose materials that will last for decades and decades still to come. Instead of choosing a lighter material, make sure to choose a steel material that will not wear and tear due to weather or be affected by strong wind or other weather. While this may be an initially more expensive investment, it is important to keep in mind that many great steel manufacturers will offer a certain number of years guaranteed.  Cites and contracts who are searching for materials to make brand projects should make sure to find a manufacturer that guarantees the steel they create will last for decades.


A Steel Building for a Green House

If you are looking to grow plants and vegetables in a very cold area, then you might want to consider the opportunity to grow them with a building provided by a company like General Steel. These are companies that can have these buildings put up in just a few short weeks in some cases, and this makes for a very easy time of it. So if you are looking to have your greenhouse set up in a big hurry without too many options, this could be the perfect fit for you. Of course this depends greatly on your specific needs and those of your plants, so make sure to have a list of your needs in addition to the necessary dimensions of the building in question.

By taking the right amount of time and effort and applying it where your greenhouse is concerned you will have much better results. Considering that you are attempting to maintain an environment for living things it would be a good idea to ensure that everything works out. In no time at all you should be able to figure out how to move forward, especially in terms of how high to have the ceiling to accommodate lighting. It is these sorts of details that can really make a huge difference, so keep all of your ducks in a row. Make sure that you know what type of space your plants will need, and how you are planning on getting them into their new home with as much grace as you can.