Keep Build Up and Beyond

It is always nice to come across a positive review of steel buildings used in our community. In this recent review, a steel building was used for a growing church group in Wyoming by General Steel.I am the director of a church group here in Green River, Wyoming. Since my church started in 2001, we have been steadily growing and acquiring several new members each year. It is hard to say exactly how many members we have at this point versus when we initially started, but it is getting to be a very large number. I knew with the continued expansion, we were going to have to get a new building for all of our members. I began doing some research of pre-fabricated buildings and decided we should use a steel or metal building for our church. Not only is the structure durable and supposed to last for years to come, but it is also much less than a traditional brick or wood church building. Once the budget was determined for our new church, I began calling steel building companies across the country to figure out who would offer me the best price. After several phone calls, I determined that General Steel would be my best bet for a well designed building that fit my budget. As soon as I signed the contract with General Steel, I had a team of contractors calling me about getting the building in place. To my surprise, the building was fully functional three weeks later and my congregation began meeting there. I am so glad I decided to use a steel building and will use steel buildings in the future if we continue to expand. - Stan M., Lutheran Church of Green River For more information about steel buildings used for churches, visit General Steel.

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