My apartment received replacement windows.

I recently had the opportunity to leave the rental market and I could not be happier about my decision to do so.  It was a great way to essentially pay myself to live in an apartment that I really like.  Of course, there are the headaches that are associated with home ownership. There are a number of things that I want to do to my apartment that will have to wait and that does cause a bit of stress.  Nonetheless, the great thing about owning my own place is the opportunity to save and invest a lot of the money that I would otherwise be throwing down a black hole through renting.  This is something that I am very happy about.  I love my place and love the fact that with a roommate, I am actually making money off of this venture.  One of the things that I really like about my apartment is that it has been recently updated and remodeled.  It still holds a lot of the character of the building though. That was a very important thing for me when I decided to move.  Nevertheless, I have had the opportunity to experience these changes.  We got some replacement windows, which in Denver is a big deal, and some huge updates to the kitchen.  We were also able to replace some of the window coverings. Denver is a great city and I appreciate the fact that I will be able to stay here for a longer term than I otherwise would have been able.

denver replacement windows

Don’t Compromise On Dental Health

There are some things that you can skimp on. Orthodontics is not one of those. There are things that you can get by with neglecting. Orthodontics is not one of these. When it comes to your dental health, do not neglect your mouth. Your teeth are going to be with you for a very long time, and that means that the damage that you do to your teeth now is going to stick with you for a very long time. Compare your teeth to your skin. If you get a scar, your skin will slowly heal itself. The scar will become increasingly discrete. But your teeth may not. So you need to make sure that you are doing all that you are suppose to make sure that your teeth are cared for. With a scar, there is a greater likelihood that it will be located in a more discrete place. If you get a scar on your arm, it is not quite as noticeable. Your teeth, however, are on display. Orthodontics in Denver is nothing to take lightly. Then there are the health concerns. Your mouth is a place that welcomes diseases. It is a great location for bacteria to propagate itself. So you need to make sure that you are keeping your mouth clean. This does mean brushing and flossing and using mouthwash. But this also means keeping your entire mouth nice and tidy too. This has to do with orthodontics. Make sure that you do not compromise on an aspect of your health that is going to follow you for your entire life.

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My mother met with neurologists in Denver.

My mom and I always used to like to go to the theater together.  I think I was my mother’s project.  She wanted more than anything it seemed for me to be a cultured individual that could talk about anything.  By my senior year in college, it was something that we did not do much of anymore.  Her birthday was coming up and through the university we were able to get decent, yet cheap, tickets to most Buell Theater productions.  It would be a nice gift to take my mom to a production and out to dinner.  We planned a day a few days after her actual birthday and had planned to meet around 4pm so that we could take the lightrail downtown together and grab dinner before the performance.  Around 3:30pm, I got a voicemail from her telling me that she had driven her car off the road and didn’t feel well.  She said she wouldn’t make the play.  Then after trying to call her and having her not answer her phone, I got a call from a nurse, letting me know that my mom was in a car accident, but that she was doing alright.  It was a really frightening moment.  I eventually learned that she had developed a disease in the form of early onset dementia.  We continued to take her to some of the best neurologists in the Denver area and are in the process of consulting other neurologists to find out more about the disease and what can be done.

neurologist denver

Chair mats have been around for a while.

It is quite impressive to think about the range of products that have been created following the spread and ubiquity of computers.  Prior to the invention of computers, I am sure that people utilized roling chairs for their desks, but it was probably in a much different context.  I was seven years old when we got our first computer at my house in Fort Collins.  As a result, I do not really remember what it was like not to have a computer.  I remember playing around on the machine in the early days; you used to get so many America Online cds to install.  Now that would seem to be quite preposterous, but the internet simply did not have enough speed to support all of the stuff that the cd would contain.  Nonetheless, I think that the invention of the computer sped along all sorts of different innovations over the years that may or may not have developed.  One of the inventions that comes to mind that was probably developed as a result of the spread of computers is glass chair mats for the office.  Prior to computers, I would argue that there was just not a need. Now, you have a need for those kinds of glass chair mats everywhere.  I am curious what the next seminal invention will be and what accessories will be developed to support its use.  I am sure that it will be something to have to do with wearable technology that can be worn on your person and tell you information as you move along.

glass chair mat

Today is the day for my oral surgery

dental care

So part of the reason why I’m online a few hours before my oral surgery is because I tend to get very nervous before I have any medical exams and this is just a good way for me to relieve some stress and anxiety. Even routine check-ups and regular doctor visits can get me so worked up that I actually have new symptoms to explain to the doctor once I get there. I wouldn’t say I come close to a panic attack but it certainly isn’t comfortable and it can be hard to breathe at times.

I’ve met with the oral surgeon who will be taking out my wisdom teeth and she said I have nothing to worry about. She has done hundreds of wisdom teeth removals over the course of her career so it’s just another day in the office according to her. Not to me though, the first thing that is gonna happen will be someone putting me under for the surgery and that is pretty scary enough. When you go under with the gas it is basically like a coma state that could be fatal if not performed correctly. I have been practicing my breathing in preparation for the big day.

I will be going to the dentist office with both my mom and my dad there as moral support. I have read that when this is over I can expect a few days of soreness and swelling but if I stick to my medication it will heal up nice and I won’t be in too much pain.

Finally, Relief

After almost a year of immense tooth pain, it finally got so bad I had to make an appointment at the dental office. My friend typically was a kids dentist, but she was nice to see me in my time of need. The news was not good, not good at all. Even though I brushed daily, I had a rotten tooth. She informed me that it was going to have to come out, just as I had feared. She recommended another dentist to do the work for me, and I made an appointment with him as soon as I could.

dental officeTwo days later, I was in his office, waiting to have the offending tooth removed. The procedure took less than an hour, and I finally felt relief. It was noticeable right away. At first I didn’t even care about the gaping hole it left in the side of my mouth, I was glad to be rid of it. After a few minutes of looking in the mirror, I decided I was going to need an implant to cover up the missing tooth.

The dentist was glad to work with me, and we went about setting up appointments to get it taken care of. It would take a few months before I’d finally get the implant, but I was fine with that. From now on I’m going to take better care of my mouth. It’s now a personal goal of mine to never have another rotten tooth as long as I live. If I brush and floss, and make regular visits to the dentist, I think it’s a goal I can accomplish.

I have never needed back taxes help.

I have never needed back taxes help.  My dad has been pretty on top of the ball of making sure that all of my tax information is in to my accountant by January.  With that much time between when the taxes are due and when my accountant receives the materials, he has enough time to be able to find all of the different credit and deductions we can take.  I am in the process of buying a house and I was not aware that I could deduct the interest that I am paying on my mortgage from my taxes.  My mortgage lender said that I will be paying around sixty six hundred dollars a year in interest, but he is someone that I consider to not be very smart.  In fact, everyone that I have dealt with at the bank through which I am getting my loan has been some of the least intelligent people I have met professionally.  I would be surprised if he could pass a simple math test in high school.  I have no idea how he was able to get a job in the banking industry and is now in charge of facilitating massive personal decisions for people.  He is someone that I think might need tax resolution services because he would simply to submit his taxes to the IRS.  There are quite a few resources out there for people that need help with submitting taxes.  I hope that I never need the help in taxes.

irs tax relief

Avoid Sick Building Syndrome with Cleaner Carpets

The World Health Organization has argued that nearly 30% of all new and remodeled buildings exhibits signs of “sick building syndrome,” a condition associated with a combination of ailments occurring at a person’s place of work or residence. These ailments are thought to be associated with poor indoor air quality, off-gassing of building materials, mold, flaws in HVAC systems, industrial chemicals, and improper exhaust. Some of these molds and chemicals, not to mention off-gassing issues, can occur in carpeted areas of the buildings. Carpets can harbor unknown particles that settle in the material but can be kicked up into the air by those walking, vacuuming, or stacking boxes or products on the ground.

One method of reducing the occurrence of sick building syndrome is to maintain clean and healthy carpeted areas as well as proper ventilation. Denver carpet cleaners can help any business or residence maintain the cleanliness of carpets throughout a building, thereby reducing the bad health effects of airborne particles and off-gassing. Their environmentally friendly products don’t add to the problem, they help to solve it. Cleaning carpets in Denver contributes to the healthy of the working population and provides alternatives to expensive remodels to cut down on sick building syndrome. Keeping carpets clean also extends the longevity of the product, saving money and contributing to a clean and vibrant working environment. Don’t settle for unhealthy work spaces and residences, help solve the problem with cleaner carpets that cut down on unwanted airborne particles, destructive off-gassing, and mold spores.

Denver carpet cleaners

Portrait photography seems like a good job.

Growing up I played on a soccer team almost every year until I turned the age of 18.  Some of my best friends growing up were my teammates and my family often used the connections that they presented.  One of those connections was to a portrait photographer.  Colorado, I’m not sure about other states, is very big on getting senior pictures taken by a professional so that kids can go back to school and trade their pictures like trading cards.  My high school did this and I am sure that my cousins’ high school did as well.  Going back to my friend’s father, who was a portrait photographer, he would often do photos for many parents and kids on my soccer team.  He did my senior portrait and it was a really interesting experience.  We drove out to City Park to take the pictures and I think that he did a really good job of getting me in the very best angles.  Usually I would not consider myself to be a very photogenic person.  However, he did a great job of making me strike, often what felt like awkward poses, but ones that eventually turned out really well on paper.  I guess that is why you pay some of these guys the big bucks to go out there and help you look your very best.  I think he also did weddings and some corporate events, so if you ever need a corporate photographer he would be a good person to look up.

A Christian Church In Santa Monica

Santa Monica ChurchThere’s a Christian Church in Santa Monica, and I believe it was there that my life was saved. I’m not a born again Christian or anything, I’ve always believed in God, I just haven’t always done what was right. Years ago I could have been considered an evil person, but I’ve changed my ways. That fateful Sunday at that Santa Monica Church changed my life forever. If you have a few moments to listen, I’ll tell you how.

An old girlfriend dragged me along to the service there, and I barely paid attention. Right near the end of the sermon the pastor said something that stuck with me for a reason I did not know at the time.

He said, “No matter how bad things get, you can always come back home.” Now I knew he didn’t mean home in the literal sense, he meant come back and be in the presence of God. I left that day not thinking much of it, but still, the quote stuck with me. Fast forward two years, and I’m in a completely different place in life. In the middle of robbing a good friend of mine for the very last dollar he had.

Suddenly he said to me, “Hey man, no matter how many bad things you do to me, I’ll be ready to forgive you when you find yourself again.” I stopped in my tracks, I remembered what the pastor said so many years ago and I broke down. I didn’t take the money, and I told him I needed help. He was kind enough to assist me with my problems, and today I am much better for the things I went through. Remember, there is always salvation to be had.

Locking The Keys In The Car

It’s never fun when you lock your keys in your car. It’s not the end of the world however. Sure it’s going to cost you a few extra bucks that you weren’t expecting to spend, but there are lots of Denver locksmiths to choose from. Accidents happen, and when you have a lot on your mind it’s really easy to toss your keys down and then press the ‘lock’ button. Just a few weeks ago I was getting something heavy out of my trunk, and I must have set the keys inside. Next thing I know, I’m locked out of the car.

It was simple though, I searched my smartphone for locksmiths in Denver, CO and I had a host of results in an instant. The locksmith was there in no time at all, and before I knew I was back in my vehicle. My point is, it’s not that big of a deal when something like this happens. You just need to asses the situation, and see what you can do to take care of it. If you are in a rush for time, then you may want to let the person on the phone know. It may even be helpful to offer extra payment for expedited service.

Denver locksmithsWhen you lock your keys in the car, don’t fret. Help is one quick phone call away, and professional services can unlock your car without damaging it. If you try to get into it yourself, you’ll almost certainly scratch the paint. And that’s the least amount of damage you can do. Who knows, you might even be able to mess up the whole locking mechanism if you try to open it yourself. Just call a pro and you’ll be back inside in no time.

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I’m fascinated buy LED light bulbs

led lighting

This is an led light bulb similar to the one Hit Lights used to illuminate the temporary stage we put up in my back yard. I may have taken my son’s graduation party to a whole different level with the live music but that wasn’t enough for me. I mean, my kid is only going to graduate high school once so why not go all out! I called Hit Lights because I have been using them for similar projects for over ten years now. They are the most reliable and dependable group of installation experts in their field and when I want the job done to exact specs, they never disappoint. The magic behind these miracle light bulbs is the hundreds of tiny light diods that reside within the boundaries of just one single bulb. With each diod capable of dimming, glowing, pulsing and fading, your possibilites are endless as to what visual effects can be created. Since led lights don’t generate heat light traditional bulbs do, you can have materials close by without threat of them catching fire. Another reason I like led lighting is because it’s green friendly and easy on the environment. Each bulb can last up to six times as long as traditional bulbs so you won’t be going out to the store to purchase extra bulbs any time soon and that means the landfills will have a few less bulbs in them. Every step you can take to help the environment is a great one. Call Hit Lights today and have them install led lights for your main event.

Employee assessments help organizations better understand their employees.

People come from all walks of life and as a result expect different things out of their jobs.  I had a drink with a friend last night and she told me about a friend of her’s that was only interested in having a job to get paid.  The person said that it did not matter what kind of job he had because it was his family that he found all of his life in.  As a result, he reasoned that he could do any job, so long as he could go home to his wife and kids at the end of the day.  I consider this to be somewhat naive.  I think that he could be very unhappy at his job and this would undoubtedly be carried over to his personal life.  There are people like this out there and I think that organizations would want to avoid hiring them.  One way an organization could weed out these people is through employee assessment tests.  These tests help organization gain a better understanding of what their current employees want out of their jobs and what prospective employees are like as people and professionals.  I would definitely avoid hiring someone like my friend’s friend because I would want someone that is committed to the organization and the work that it does.  As a result, I would send out an employee assessment to all prospective employees in an attempt to find out more about who they are as people and who they could be as employees.

employee assessment


Gluten free options are the new black.

Remember the time when everyone referred to everything that was then popular as being the “new black?”  Maybe that is still the case and I happen to just not go out enough.  Whatever the case, I feel like this is a good example for all of the gluten free foods that have invaded our gluten rich foods space.  I am not gluten intolerant and I know this because I have eaten seitan wings at Watercourse several times.  The seitan wings there are pure gluten.  Literally.  They take a bunch of wheat germ and run water over it until the only thing that remains is the protein base or gluten of the wheat.  They then take that mound or whatever form it may be at that point in time and shape and flavor it.  It’s pretty great tasting, except the mound proceeds to just sit in your stomach for a couple of days after you eat it and no one wants that.  Anyway, the number of gluten free items have exploded in recent years due to the high demand from individuals, claiming they are gluten sensitive.  Well, there are a number of debates around this topic.  Although the number of people diagnosed with Celiac’s disease in the past few years has quadrupled, many people are questioning if all of these people are actually afflicted or if it is more of a personal diagnosis.  Regardless, we now have items like gluten free tortillas, which are actually pretty tasty, and gluten free wraps, which still do a great job of keeping ingredients together, on the market.

Go see the smile specialists today!


I’m even smiling as I type this I was so happy with their service and amazing commitment to the utmost in patient satisfaction. When you are a patient with The Smile Specialists you really are in charge and free to ask and question as many things as possible while you are there. Let’s face it, dental work isn’t cheap especially when you are getting something done as permanent as braces. You’re the one who’s going to have to live with it so be sure when you look yourself in the mirror you can smile with confidence knowing you made the best choice. You can start by picking up the phone and calling the smile specialists, that is the number one choice in my book. They were able to hook me up with invisalign braces which have really changed my life. Since wearing invisalign I have more confidence, a boyfriend and I smile so much more in pictures, I don’t even mind having pictures of me around the house anymore. My orthodontist at the smile specialists recommended I weigh my options heavily before installing something in my mouth that was semi permanent. I have sensitive skin so that was taken into consideration as well, for that matter alone could derail the whole idea of braces. What I needed was something semi hard plastic and removable, washable and something that wouldn’t stain or yellow over time. The answer in every way was invisalgn and I couldn’t be happier. Pick up the phone and give these guys a call, they will take great care of you.

Online Exposure Is Crucial

Technological advancements have changed the way that so many industries and businesses go about production, distribution, and finances. The way that a business now makes their product may change or maybe not. But we do know that the Internet certainly has changed the way that companies do business. Now, online exposure is crucial for almost any business. Whether it is a big, well-known business that may think that their name brand exempts them from the details of search engine marketing or a small, local business in a rural area where everyone knows everyone, the importance of online marketing and online presence increases more and more every year. Smart phones augment this. Cell phones are ubiquitous in the United States now, and smart phones are quickly replacing the older models that cannot access the Internet. As more cell phone applications are being designed to increase the efficiently with which consumers can locate different businesses in the Denver area, the need for Denver web design, SEO, and pay per click advertising becomes a necessity for a business that is trying to establish itself. Luckily for small businesses, there are excellent businesses that specialize in these services. For many, these complex digital operations are beyond the average web surfer or e-mail user. But while you are out there delivering a quality product to a customer, these digital marketing companies are delivering the customers to your storefront, whether that storefront be your building or a website. Regardless, the tides of business are changing, and online marketing is the way to go.

SEO Services

Caretakers’ Duties May Be Unexpected

When imagining the duties of a caretaker, one may think of ensuring a regular medication schedule, providing numerous forms of home health care, or simply making sure that the resident is safe. But there are a variety of other duties that may be overlooked. Especially in the case of home care, caretakers may take residents out shopping. I often forget that the caretaker would probably not simply choose the resident’s groceries or preferred brand of hand soap. How could they know all of these specific and nuances details? And besides, I imagine that the resident would enjoy getting out of the house and the routine and normalcy of doing tasks like grocery shopping. A caretaker must remember important medical dates, such as doctor’s appointments of medication schedules. But a caretakers must also remember important social dates, such as the birthdates of the resident’s grandchildren or small, menial favors that the resident requested. I imagine all of the big, obvious things. But I often forget the small things, and I suppose that many of these small things carry tremendous weight in day-to-day life. The caretaker must also assist the resident with things that I take for granted, such as bathing and using the restroom. Caretakers do a wide variety of tasks that someone from the outside, or someone without any experience working with residents, would initially suppose. And I am sure that some residents do not realize at the outset how many little things a caretaker can do for them.home care

No job too large for General Steel

general steel

It’s hard to tell from this picture because I couldn’t back up any further on the lot to fit it all in the frame, but this airplane hangar has an unsupported span from side to side of over three hundred feet! Just typing that makes me realize what a feat of engineering it really is. You see, with the special type of aircraft we will be storing in here we couldn’t have the traditional I-beams running the length and cross-wise of the structure like you would normall want. When I initially saw the blue prints for the building I knew the only company we could trust to provide us with something amazing would be general steel. The town knew them well because just two years prior they had erected the town recreational center and it is a masterpiece. This area of the county is known for especially harsh winters and very dry hot summers so I was concerned that the steel would be temperamental in these ever changing temperatures but the contractor over at general steel told me their steel could withstand the test of time and weather. I can trust the word of anyone who works at general steel because they have been a trusted business partner of ours for over thirty years. Never once have they been late, over quoted or built a sub par building on any of our commissions. So far their batting average is through the roof…ha! A fitting expression since the roofs they make won’t let a thing through them, not even a single drop of water!

Our chairs and carpets needed a good cleaning

carpet cleaning

I tried running the vacuum over them, tried using water to dab the spots and stains. I even tried using hairspray to get ink of my favorite arm chair. The result? Smeared stains that looked worse than when I started and when all was said and done, nothing looked any cleaner. It was at that moment I realized I needed to call in the professionals to get the job of cleaning our chairs and carpets done the right way. I learned a lot from the guys at Bakers Chem Dry about upholstery cleaningThere are different approaches to cleaning one fabric over another. The antique chair we have in our front room has silk draped over the backing and arm rests so I was sure they would just avoid this chair altogether. Wrong! It turns out to be the best you have to have the best equipment and that is certainly true of Bakers Chem Dry. When a company can clean a shag rug, a corduroy love seat and every type of rug that we have here, you know they are the best. With a gentle steam wand the technician was able to remove the dirt and debris from the arms of the chair and it currently looks brand new. Bakers Chem Dry does much more than just beautifying your chairs and rugs. They also can help to repair and restore furniture that has undergone water damage. Last year during the heavy rains we had to clear out our basement and have Bakers Chem Dry come in and work their magic.

Freedom Tower is Magnificent.

Yesterday, I watched a time lapse video of the construction of freedom tower.  The tower that is being built to replace the fallen World Trade Centers.  The tower is a work of art and although I would have preferred for the tower to be designed by an American I think that the overall building and construction of the piece is inspiring.  The amount of steel and manpower that goes into constructing something like that is truly incredible.  General Steel put in a bid to provide the steel building for the project, but I think the commission tasked with assigning the winning bidders decided that a steel church is not the right message or building to take over the historic space.  Nonetheless, I am very excited that the building will be done with construction soon and that people will finally be able to go over and look at the progress that we have seen in the past ten years.  Truly remarkable when you think of where we were as a country and as a society that long ago.  Unfortunately, we have regressed in many respects.  In human rights, equity, income, and the strengthening of the middle class we have failed miserably.  I only hope that we have the ability to rebound and elect the politicians that can help reverse these trends.  Even though General Steel did not win the contract, it is their ambition that can serve as the American way.  I admire their wanting and trying to establish themselves in complete Freedom Tower and define our future.