No job too large for General Steel

general steel

It’s hard to tell from this picture because I couldn’t back up any further on the lot to fit it all in the frame, but this airplane hangar has an unsupported span from side to side of over three hundred feet! Just typing that makes me realize what a feat of engineering it really is. You see, with the special type of aircraft we will be storing in here we couldn’t have the traditional I-beams running the length and cross-wise of the structure like you would normall want. When I initially saw the blue prints for the building I knew the only company we could trust to provide us with something amazing would be general steel. The town knew them well because just two years prior they had erected the town recreational center and it is a masterpiece. This area of the county is known for especially harsh winters and very dry hot summers so I was concerned that the steel would be temperamental in these ever changing temperatures but the contractor over at general steel told me their steel could withstand the test of time and weather. I can trust the word of anyone who works at general steel because they have been a trusted business partner of ours for over thirty years. Never once have they been late, over quoted or built a sub par building on any of our commissions. So far their batting average is through the roof…ha! A fitting expression since the roofs they make won’t let a thing through them, not even a single drop of water!