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Damon Hernandez

Damon Hernandez works in many areas of the Web3D Industry and has been active in 3D web open standards for the past decade. He works with a variety of web3D and mixed reality companies and also helps the Web3D Consortium on their global outreach and web3D education initiatives. He is one of the founding members of the now international AR Developer Camp, and is currently working with developing augmented reality applications for real world uses. Damon is a supporter of open standards for the geo-web and is actively involved with the 3D web’s convergence with other technologies including GIS, CAD/CAM, AR, and mobile. With a passion for education and immersive tech, he has built and is leading dozens of 3D web and mixed reality research projects in multiple domains.


Location: Ballroom IV
Mike Liebhold (Institute for the Future), Shailesh Nalawadi (Google), Carl Reed (OGC), Damon Hernandez (Web3D), Sophia Parafina (Ugotrade)
Convene and lead a panel on requirements and specifications for an open software stack for augmented reality, based on the assumption that AR is both a discrete medium, and it is the intersection of many media, including web, CAD, mapping, games, virtual worlds... Read more.