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I’m even smiling as I type this I was so happy with their service and amazing commitment to the utmost in patient satisfaction. When you are a patient with The Smile Specialists you really are in charge and free to ask and question as many things as possible while you are there. Let’s face it, dental work isn’t cheap especially when you are getting something done as permanent as braces. You’re the one who’s going to have to live with it so be sure when you look yourself in the mirror you can smile with confidence knowing you made the best choice. You can start by picking up the phone and calling the smile specialists, that is the number one choice in my book. They were able to hook me up with invisalign braces which have really changed my life. Since wearing invisalign I have more confidence, a boyfriend and I smile so much more in pictures, I don’t even mind having pictures of me around the house anymore. My orthodontist at the smile specialists recommended I weigh my options heavily before installing something in my mouth that was semi permanent. I have sensitive skin so that was taken into consideration as well, for that matter alone could derail the whole idea of braces. What I needed was something semi hard plastic and removable, washable and something that wouldn’t stain or yellow over time. The answer in every way was invisalgn and I couldn’t be happier. Pick up the phone and give these guys a call, they will take great care of you.

A genuinely nice dentist

A white doctors coat can convey the feeling of confidence, knowledge, calmness, assuredness, ease and safety. It’s a simple fact that if you pair that white coat with a genuine smile, eye contact and a warm handshake, the patient will begin to feel comfortable immediately. This level of trust and comfort is essential if the physician wants to properly diagnose the patient and get vital, sensitive information. My family dentist is exactly this way I just described. Even the first time you meet him it feels like you’ve known each other for years. He remembers your name and uses it often while responding to your questions. Oh, he doesn’t mind that you ask plenty of questions either, in fact, he encourages patients to do so. Him and his staff use a system of explaining in easy terms what the procedure is going to be like, how long you will be waiting, how long it will take and how long your recovery will last. Last year my daughter had invisalign braces done at his office and it was quick and painless from start to finish. Months before the procedure we had a sit down clinical with the good doctor and a representative from invisalign to answer specific product questions and specs. After a few minutes of our “interview” we knew that these clear braces were for us, my daughter is just brimming with a new sense of self worth now thanks to this wonderful product and our amazing dentist. If you’re unhappy with your dental care whatsoever I would encourage you to check them out.

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