A Mishap in Phoenix

Last week I had to see a doctor at an urgent care in Phoenix. The service at these places is really fantastic, so whenever I need medical care that’s where I go. You see it was a pretty unfortunate mishap that brought me to the clinic for urgent care. A week or two prior a nice man on the street had sold me a brand new hoverboard. I’d seen these types of things in movies before, but I was excited to finally get to try one for myself.

Sadly it didn’t work like I thought it would, and that’s how I ended up getting hurt. I guess you’re not actually supposed to ride on these things just yet. They haven’t made the proficient enough to carry the weight of a human. When I tried to ride it over the pond near my house that would have been nice to know. I also feel a bit swindled by the gentleman who sold me the device in the first place.

The doctors at the clinic were still very nice and professional even though it must have seemed very silly when I told them what happened. The one doctor even told me he wished he could ride a hoverboard too. I got my knee checked out and after they cleaned the cut everything seemed fine. Within a couple of days I was back to normal and ready to go. I’m glad the men and women at the urgent care facility were so helpful and friendly. If I ever get hurt again I’ll definitely go back there.