Diamonds In Your Legos

The Diamond ReserveCan you imagine your childhood Legos containing diamonds?!  Well neither can we, but some very amazing professional Lego builders have created an amazing display of the British royal family and Buckingham Palace to be displayed at Legoland in Windsor and the Discovery Center in Manchester.

The amazing creation, made entirely from Lego blocks, not only includes the queen, but the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, The Duchess or Cornwall, and other royals standing in front of Buckingham palace on the world famous balcony.  The model which was made to commemorate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne, was originally revealed at the 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London.

Now you might be wondering what this has to do with diamonds, well The Diamond Reserve was shocked to discover that this model actually contains 48 real diamonds in the crown of Queen Elizabeth II.  These small, white, brilliant, round cut diamonds are set into a Lego plastic crow that fits snuggly on top of the Lego queen’s head.  There is even a Lego of purple to more accurately demonstrate the royal crown.  Each diamond is no bigger than .50-carats and are inlaid in the same design and pattern as the real royal crown. This is truly an amazing advancement in Legos and certainly not what I used to play with!

There are many Diamond Wholesalers; Denver is full of jewelry stores and places to buy precious gems.  If you are in the market for a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry for yourself and not your Legos, come visit The Diamond Reserve today!


Freedom Tower is Magnificent.

Yesterday, I watched a time lapse video of the construction of freedom tower.  The tower that is being built to replace the fallen World Trade Centers.  The tower is a work of art and although I would have preferred for the tower to be designed by an American I think that the overall building and construction of the piece is inspiring.  The amount of steel and manpower that goes into constructing something like that is truly incredible.  General Steel put in a bid to provide the steel building for the project, but I think the commission tasked with assigning the winning bidders decided that a steel church is not the right message or building to take over the historic space.  Nonetheless, I am very excited that the building will be done with construction soon and that people will finally be able to go over and look at the progress that we have seen in the past ten years.  Truly remarkable when you think of where we were as a country and as a society that long ago.  Unfortunately, we have regressed in many respects.  In human rights, equity, income, and the strengthening of the middle class we have failed miserably.  I only hope that we have the ability to rebound and elect the politicians that can help reverse these trends.  Even though General Steel did not win the contract, it is their ambition that can serve as the American way.  I admire their wanting and trying to establish themselves in complete Freedom Tower and define our future.