Even carpet cleaning is going green

carpet cleaningIt seems like almost everyone is going green these days.  This green movement even applies to carpet cleaning companies.  More and more carpet cleaners are turning to environmentally safe solutions to get the dirt and grime from your rugs and carpets.

These new evironmentally safe options are not only kind to the environment but they are safe to use around small children and pets.  Which is super important to most people, especially for someone like me whose cat left a lovely present on the carpet.  To fix this issue, we were able to take the rug to an environmentally sensitive cleaning company to get out the awful stain.  My cat is probably planning on how he is going to destroy everything else in the house because that is what he does.

Last night, I am getting ready for bed and I am cleaning dishes, picking up glasses that seem to multiply throughout the house and I find that my cat has knocked over a plant in the house and has chosen not to clean it up at all.  Can you imagine that?  He knocked over a Chinese snake plant, spilling soil and bark pieces all over the floor and he did not clean it up.  In the future, I expect for him to be a better contributor to our house and not poop on the carpet and clean up after himself.  Fortunately, there are many environmental to take care of us until he learns. Plus these solutions are tailored for pet odor cleaning which is what I am in most desperate need of.


The custom home theater of my dreams

custom home theaterMy family has this couple that have been friends of the family for many years.  However, this year was the first time that I went into their home. It was immaculate, and the best part of the home is they had a room dedicated to the best home theater system I have ever scene.  Let me walk you through just how incredible this home theater was.   Every square inch of this room is a custom home theater.   It starts with a lit box office facade on the out side of the room, complete with a marquis.   The window portion of the box office even had old timey custom curtains.

Next, you step inside the theater.  It is decked out with velvety walls, surround sound speakers, and a giant screen at the forfront.   There are also custom seating. The seating is small couched set upon a few platforms that rise like a stadium.    On top of that they also added custome movie theater lighting. Which means that they are on a dimmer. Which means just like a real theater, the house lights go up when there is no movie showing, and they go down when the movie starts to play.

Over all their theater room is quite impressive.   I was so impressed, I had never seen a home theater with so much detail.   It made me want to sit right down and watch a movie.  If only, it was my house.   Oh well, at least a girl can dream right?  Sigh, well maybe one day I will have the home theater of my dreams.




Beating Breathalyzers

One of the more interesting articles I’ve read recently was about how to beat a breathalyzer test.  It’s actually extremely difficult and probably would be pretty embarrassing if you failed.  That said, I think that people should be knowledgeable about the situation because if they are right on the brink that one one hundred or two one hundreds of a percent could be crucial.  According to the article the best way for some people to beat a test is to hyperventilate prior to the testing. This does a couple of things and now that I think about it, doesn’t make sense.  Anyway, according to the source, the best way to do it is to hyperventilate.  This ensures that the partition ratio, which I have no idea what that is, is significantly lower if the air inside your lungs is cooler than the air outdoors.  Obviously, this is not to be tried if the air outside is above 98 degrees.  Nonetheless, could you imagine getting that drunk in temperatures over 100.  That would be miserable.  I digress, according to the article the act of hyperventilating could potentially lower the reading of blood alcohol up to twenty-two percent.  Think about that know.  That is an incredible amount and could make a huge difference.  So the lesson: if you find yourself in the position where you’re about to get a driving under the influence ticket, start breathing as hard as you can before blowing into the breathalyzers and hopefully you will come out on top.


America’s Steel Industry

One industry that surely has revolutionized what can be done in America is that of the steel industry. Steel is used to build large structures including buildings. Because of the great strength of steel you can make these types of things possible. General steel can be used to make a large structure that makes it possible for more people to live and work in certain areas. Steel can be used to build large ships and other large structure which can haul massive amounts of cargo. Even large train cars can be built and attached one after another to haul large amounts as cargo as well. Steel is also largely used in the manufacturing industry as well. Machines are built in order to process all kinds of fabrics plastics papers and many more items that we use today. When you look at it, it is truly amazing how many products can be made thanks to steel. You could truly say that steel is the backbone of just about everything that we have in our country today. From all the manufacturing that is done to even the creation of things like cars steel played a major role in the development. In general steel has all the great properties that American needed to start its building force. By having steel and using general steel you are able to build magnificent structures that can be used in many ways. It is a valuable and precious resource that we have and can use. Almost everything we use on a daily basis could disappear if it was not for the fact that steel makes it possible.

Is natural pet food best?

Natural dog foodWhether you are just visiting Colorado, or you live here you are bound to notice that we are a dog friendly state.  It seems everywhere you go you will see a dog or at least a water bowl hanging outside of store fronts. We love our furry little friends in Colorado.  Which is why we always make sure to feed our dogs Natural pet food.  Why natural you may ask? Well there is a ton of fillers and unhealthy items found in the pet food found in your local groccer for one.  In fact, most dog food is full of cornmeal and other fillers with very little protein. Which means the nutritional value of these foods are very little , if any at all.

This is news to many pet owners, as our pets are like a member of the family. So, why would you feed a member of your family anything but natural dog food?  The answer is you wouldn’t.  You would want to make sure that the food your pet is devouring everyday is tasty but also full of nutrition. After all, we want our dogs to live long and healthy lives don’t we. Well like our human companions, dogs require the proper balance  of nutrition and diet to ensure life long health.  Which is really all anyone, furry or not, can wish for in this life. So do not waste another minute on the poor nutrients of store bought food, go natural and your pet will feel the difference.