My house has water damage

I have this cat who often makes me think that I should invest in some carpet cleaning. I guess I do not need this carpet cleaning these days as much as I used to, but still. Right now I only have hard wood floor in my apartment, but I have a rug that is quite large and takes up a good amount of space in my living room. It is  a really comfortable rug and has a really good color to it. It has blues and greens and some tan colors. But I do not think this needs carpet cleaning that badly. It more so needs something like spot cleaning. In my other houses that I have lived in with more than one cat, that is when I really needed carpet cleaning. It got so bad that the people who were owning the house that I was renting from, well, they had no idea how bad it was. I was not about to tell them though. But when we moved out they just had the carpets cleaned and gave back the entire deposit. It was some kind of renters miracle. Also, there are only a few reason that they would do this and I am not sure that I am aware of all those reasons. But the cats that lived in the house with us were some pretty gross creatures. I was not impressed with them. It made me think we needed to buy some pet odor cleaning device or something.

water damage

Even carpet cleaning is going green

carpet cleaningIt seems like almost everyone is going green these days.  This green movement even applies to carpet cleaning companies.  More and more carpet cleaners are turning to environmentally safe solutions to get the dirt and grime from your rugs and carpets.

These new evironmentally safe options are not only kind to the environment but they are safe to use around small children and pets.  Which is super important to most people, especially for someone like me whose cat left a lovely present on the carpet.  To fix this issue, we were able to take the rug to an environmentally sensitive cleaning company to get out the awful stain.  My cat is probably planning on how he is going to destroy everything else in the house because that is what he does.

Last night, I am getting ready for bed and I am cleaning dishes, picking up glasses that seem to multiply throughout the house and I find that my cat has knocked over a plant in the house and has chosen not to clean it up at all.  Can you imagine that?  He knocked over a Chinese snake plant, spilling soil and bark pieces all over the floor and he did not clean it up.  In the future, I expect for him to be a better contributor to our house and not poop on the carpet and clean up after himself.  Fortunately, there are many environmental to take care of us until he learns. Plus these solutions are tailored for pet odor cleaning which is what I am in most desperate need of.