Reasons for Botox

While it seems like everyone and their mom are getting Botox, Denver consumers sometimes get confused about where Botox is most beneficial.   Which is why it is so important to consult with your doctor or a Botox expert beforehand.

When you take your consultation your doctor will go through and get your health history and then begin examining your face.  It is here that the doctor will make suggestions, and where you can point out areas of concern.

Here are the top places where most people get Botox.

Often called “the number 11 lines, frown lines are those vertical lines between the eyebrows  that are prominent when frowning, hence the name.

Crow’s feet are another common reason for Botox.  These tiny lines that stat from the outside angle of each eye in a fan-like fashion, often compared to birds feet.

Smile lines are another common reason for getting Botox. Ranging from the edges of the news and to the mouth these lines are most visible when smiling. But, as some major creasing in certain individuals.

Many people also get Botox to decrease the appearance of the fine lines around lips known as smoker lines.

Botox is mainly used to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. That is done by injecting the  of serum into deluded thoughts and muscles in the face.

It is important to know, that Botox can not fill hollow areas, like sunken eyes or cheeks. For this you will want to use fillers, which is a different procedure.



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