Creating the home of your dreams

When people stop to imagine what their dream home would look like, many people imagine huge homes with high ceilings and luxury items at every time.  However, in truth your dream home does not need to be large.  In fact, if you choose to by a smaller, older home you can save money on the purchase price and use the extra to renovate it to your ideal specifications.   All you need is a lot of patience and a little imagination and you can bring all your home interior design ideas to life.

In order to succeed you will want to pick a home with good bone structure.  Make sure to have an inspector go through the entire home, from roof to foundation.  It is even better if the inspector is also a contractor who can identify problem areas before the renovation.

Once you have found a home suitable for your needs you can begin the renovations.  Make sure you hire the right crew from the beginning, as this can save you both time and money. Go through all of your plans with your contractor and identify areas you are willing cut, if need be. Then let the progress begin. 

It is important you keep the lines of communication open and keep an open mind.  When choosing the furnishings for your home, think timeless not just what is modern.  Find pieces with good structure and in neutral colors so you can play with color and pattern in other areas.

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