How to tell if a child car seat has expired ?

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How to tell if a child car seat has expired ?

Besides choice best budget car seat, Safety is of the utmost importance when you buy a child car seat. In addition to viewing the features and ratings of users, and performing a proper installation, it is important to determine if a car seat has reached its expiration date. Safety is always the first factor especially for babies, to choose a baby trend infant car seat you need to pay special attention to the term of the product..But how do you do it?

  1. Why does a car seat expire?

First, why do all car seats sold, as well as booster seats, have an expiry date?

After a while, a car seat is simply not safe anymore. This could be a missing part or lost instructions that make the installation debatable, or a more specific problem.

For example, after prolonged exposure to the sun or prolonged use, the plastic may be damaged or weakened. Seat safety labels are likely to fade over time; they will become illegible and the use of the seat will become less secure.

Anyone with children knows that damage and stains on a car seat are inevitable. After years and years of spilled milk and juices in the slits and interstices of loops and tuning systems, as well as the relentless cleanings that ensue, parts can wear out and no longer work effectively.

If you buy or receive a used car seat, you can not know if it was in a car accident or if it was stored properly when not in use. Was it manufactured before the date when important safety rules or standards were put into effect? Was there a product recall? Was it purchased in the United States, where the car seat rules are different from those in Canada? Without the right documents and a good knowledge of the origin of the product, you can not be sure.

2. How can you tell when a car seat expires?

We would like to believe that at a time as technological as ours, it would be enough to enter a model number in a website (or perhaps in a connected app) to obtain the expiry date of a seat. But unfortunately, it’s not so easy.

The date of manufacture is clearly affixed to all car seats, usually at the rear. But most labels do not mention the useful life. For most car seats, it is 5 to 10 years from the date of manufacture. But everything depends on the manufacturer, the date of manufacture and the model.

Here are some ways to find out:

  • The label on the seat

Some manufacturers make it easy for you by indicating the expiration date on a separate sticker on the seat, or by embossed letters on the inside.

  • Consult the manual or contact customer service

Consult the user manual and you may find details on the seat expiry date. If this is not possible, contact Customer Service, have the manufacturer’s name and model number on hand, and check the date with a customer service representative.

  • Check out the FAQ of the website

The website of most manufacturers provides information on the useful life of the car seat in the FAQ. Search for ” car seat Canada expiration date” in Google and relevant results will surely appear on the first page.

The first issue of the Evenflo website FAQ, for example, is “What is the lifespan of my Evenflo car seat? “. Evenflo confirms that this is six years for all models except the Symphony, which can last eight years, since it can be used for a newborn to become a booster seat booster.

  • Quick reference

For quick reference, Transport Canada released a list that included all brands of car seats and booster seats sold in Canada, as well as their estimated useful life. Here is the report:

5 years: Peg-Perego

6 years: Baby Trend, Britax, Chicco, Graco, Harmony, Learning Curve, Five Years, Compass, and Sunshine Kids (booster)

6 to 8 years: Dorel, Eddie Bauer, Safety 1st, ** Competitors ** Cosi, Quinny, Lux (depending on model); Evenflo

7 years old: Combi, Magna, CLEK, Orbit Baby, Peg-Perego

8 years old: Sunshine Kids (newborn and child)

9 years old: Apramo, Graco Nautilus (backless booster)

Use this list as a guide, but it’s a good idea to check with the manufacturer for the latest information on the make and model of your car seat.

3. What to do if a car seat has expired?

If you have an expired car seat, do not use it. It should be discarded, or returned if sold to you as a new product. If it’s not safe for your child, it’s not safe for the children of your friends or loved ones, nor for charities or used-goods stores.

In fact, even before leaving a car seat at the side of the road or in a bin, many suggest damaging it to such an extent that it will be impossible for someone else to reuse it. Cut the straps and use a marker to write “expired” or “do not use” in large letters.

4. Conclusion

If you have doubts about the expiration date of a car seat, use the tips above to make sure your seat is safe for your child and best baby trend car seat

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