Kid’s bed: how to choose it?

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Kid’s bed: how to choose it?

Bunk bed, loft bed or continue crib, there are many models of kid’s bed. Which one to choose and at what age? Here are our tips.

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It is usually around the two years that your children will leave their crib for a bigger one. And no need to squeeze them, you’ll know quickly, when they begin to transform themselves into escalator bars of their bed, that it’s time to offer them their first “big bed”. But it comes in many forms and materials, and it is not always easy to know where to turn. If the bunk bed is often reserved for young teenagers, your children will still go through several stages, synonymous with independence, during their childhood years. The most important thing before you start a purchase is to determine your needs, your budget and the room you have in the room.

From 2 to 6 years

To bring your children to the independence of the big bed, you can purchase a single bed (size 90 x 190/200 cm) or a bed that can be changed. The latter has the advantage of accompanying your little one in its growth and being able to lie down as your little one grows up. Thus, when they are small, they will feel surrounded by the frame of their bed and in safety and growing up, they will not be cramped in a bed too narrow for them. This bed also represents a gain of space since it takes only the size necessary for your children, no more.

Also, the drawers allow either to accommodate a small extra bed or enjoy a storage under the bed. The beds with storage are ideal for small rooms. What to gain space and learn storage for your children. New concept beds with desk, control and multiple built-in storage units also exist for those who lack space. Attention, those who might be tempted by the loft bed or bunk bed will have to wait a few years …

From 6 years old

Just before the age of reason, your little one is ready to climb a few tens of centimeters. Indeed, before 6 years, the beds in height (loft bed or full over full bunk bed) are disadvised for the children too young. Too high, too insecure and with ladders sometimes difficult to access, they are to be banned in children’s rooms.

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But as early as 6 or 7 years old, investing in a bed in height allows either to clear space under the bed and thus allow the installation of a play area or a child’s desk or to accommodate a second child thanks to a bunk bed. It will be possible to sleep the largest in the bed of the top and the small in the bottom. Not to mention that many models of bunk beds allow the use of only one of the beds: what to adapt to the evolutions of the sibship. Be that as it may, safety remains the number one priority for high beds.

Be sure to choose a bed with a solid railing that is installed along the entire length of the bed. A resistant, ergonomic ladder with comfortable bars is necessary, as is the installation of a point of light accessible in the top bed: the child can then descend smoothly into the darkness.

Tastes and colors…

The trends for children’s rooms are not far from those for adults. Indeed, if it is the children who sleep there, it is the parents who buy the room. We therefore find the Scandinavian trends, retro and vintage, for both children and adults. If blond wood and neutral colors are often preferred, it is with bed linen and trimmings that the difference will be made.

What about the mattress?

Very often, cribs come with an integrated box spring. Regularly slatted, they are studied to ensure comfort for sleep. It is therefore according to the mattress that comfort will depend. As for adults, tastes diverge. Rather soft or firm, we must do according to personal assessments, but the ideal is a mattress latex rather than polyether foam too fine and does not provide a significant enough resilience.

The polyurethane foam is correct to ensure the maintenance of the child during his sleep and represents a good quality / price ratio. But in terms of treatment, make sure you have a mattress treated against mite and anti-bacterial to avoid the risk of allergies. Find more quality mattresses at for your reference.

Standards to respect for a crib

For the most concerned parents who tend to look at the standards, know that in addition to the classic CE, other standards are to be observed.

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