All Pro Chem Dry Uses Carbonated Extraction, the Best and Most Effective Carpet Cleaning Method.

carpet cleaningTrying to keep your home completely clean is a challenge, especially since you have to clean every surface and material in your home differently.  In addition to your routine cleaning, some materials also need to be professionally cleaned, as well.  Carpeting is one example, and you should have your carpeted floors cleaned every year.  Every carpet cleaning company is different, in terms of their practices and techniques, so you should put some thought into which one you hire.  You should seek out companies that utilize carbonated extraction to clean your carpets, rather than steam cleaning.  All Pro Chem Dry in Highlands Ranch, is one company that utilizes this and other first-rate and environmentally-responsible cleaning techniques.

There are several key reasons why the carbonated extraction cleaning method is the superior cleaning procedure, when it comes to your carpeted floors.  Firstly, carbonated extraction is legitimately more effective at removing deep-rooted dirt and grime than steam cleaning is.  This is because carbonated extraction involves tiny carbonated bubbles, which rise up from the carpet with particles of dirt and grime.  Because the system works from the bottom up, the carpet gets a very deep and thorough cleaning.  The second reason why carbonated extraction is the superior carpet cleaning system is the fact that carbonated extraction uses far less water than steam cleaning.  In addition to being better for the environment, this is better for your carpet, as it does not leave your carpet wet for nearly as long.  Because it does not leave your carpet wet for as long, there is less time for mold and bacteria to grow, as they thrive on moisture, even if you have just cleaned.  Finally, in addition to the fact that they leave your carpet wet for a much longer amount of time, steam cleaning systems are also bad because they leave soap residue in your carpet, which can cause even more mold to grow.  So, by three counts, your carpets are better off with carpet cleaners who utilize carbonation, rather than steam cleaning.

Your carpets are not the only surfaces in your home that may need professional cleaning, which is why All Pro Chem Dry offers other specialty cleaning services, as well.  One of the most troublesome materials to try to clean, on your own, is upholstery.  Fortunately, upholstery cleaning is yet another service in which All Pro Chem Dry excels.  Upholstery is an especially tricky material because it is so diverse.  There are so many different kinds of delicate upholstery, and they cannot all be cleaned in exactly the same way.  One of the most challenging aspects of cleaning upholstery is the fact that much of it is not supposed to get wet.  This makes cleaning difficult, but not impossible.  In many cases, the upholstery must actually be removed from the furniture that it covers.  Of course, as long as you have entrusted your furniture to only the best upholstery cleaners, you should have nothing to worry about.  Even deep-rooted stains can be lifted out, with the right technique.