Top ways to make fun gifts with essential oils!

We all know that one of the best gifts that we can give a friend of family member is an high quality oil diffuser for their essential oil needs. If you have a friend or family member who is just getting into essential oils, then this is a really great way to help them start to enjoy the many benefits that come from essential oil usage. However, if you are thinking of gifts for friends who already have plenty of essential oils and a great oil diffuser and aromatherapy nebulizer to use their oils with, then you might be at a loss for how you can appropriately incorporate essential oils into your everyday life. There are, in fact, a great many high quality gifts that you can easily make for your essential oil loving friends this holiday season, and these are gifts that are easy to personalize. After all, who doesn’t love giving a gift that is really personalized. When you feel like you are providing your family members and friends with a gift that really speaks to their needs and their personality, then you will find that they appreciate the gift even more. Here are some great ways to make the perfect holiday gifts this season using essential oils!

  • Autumnal/Wintery Essential Oils Blend: Making your own oil diffuser blend can be a way to give your friend the aroma of a candle but with healing properties as well! Plus, if you know the aromas that are really special to a friend or family or that might help them through a specific struggle that is plaguing them, then you can really make an impact with a personalized oil diffuser or personal aromatherapy nebulizer blend.
  • Moisturizing Lotion: Give a friend hand lotion is one of the oldest gifts in the book and it usually signals that you just could not come up with anything else to give them. That is where an essential oil based lotion can really help. Instead of giving jut any old lotion, you can give one that has the properties they need. Maybe your friend needs the calming effects of Bergamot, or the rejuvenating power of Frankincense oil. You can easily make them a lotion with all the right properties!
  • Bubble Bath: Just like a lotion, a bubble bath or a soap in general can be a really soothing way to give the gift of aromatherapy. After all, giving a friend the gift of a bath requires that they take time out of their busy schedule to give themselves rest and calm the way that they need to experience it. By making them a personalized bubble bath that speaks to these needs, you can ensure that they are getting the quality time they need in addition to the soothing essential oils that can really help them get on their feet.

These are just a few ideas that you can put to work ensuring that your essential oil based gifts are a real hit this year! Don’t forget to give your friends the kind of love and care they need this holiday season with the perfect essential oils.