I found a great dentist to put on my son’s braces

I feel like it can be really hard to find the right kind of doctor or dentist that you want to take your kid to, especially for something like braces where you know that you will have to come back several different times for check ups and for adjustments. So you want to make sure that you have a dentist who you feel comfortable with and who can ensure that you feel safe and that your kid doesn’t feel like he doesn’t want to go to the dentist. Because there really is nothing worse than trying to get them to go when they don’t want to, or trying to force the issue because you know that they have to do it but they don’t feel comfortable doing it. So I really went out of my way to try to find a dentist office that we both felt we could go to often and that we both felt comfortable being in. The dentist has to be nice and friendly and work well with kids, but also the office staff has to be even more so because they are the ones who will be spending the majority of their time with you and with your kid. So there is really a whole lot to picking a dentist and making sure that the braces are done in the right place and by the right person, otherwise the timing just isn’t right for braces and it just won’t work out too well. This is why its important to find the right dentist.

Smile Specialist

430 Park Ave., Suite 200

Collegeville, PA 19426

(610) 489-6032


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Should You Get An MRI Review?

MRI ReviewMany patients when faced with a diagnosis may either go in a flight or fight response. The wave of shock, fear, regret, what ifs and even doubts may linger for a few days or even weeks. The patient may question what’s next, or if they’ll stand any chances of survival or a normal life.

When faced with such life altering circumstances, it’s always best to get a second opinion. As an example, if a neurosurgeon has determined a brain tumor which needs open surgery, it’s best to get an MRI review from a credible professional to determine if there are other treatment options, or whether the diagnosis is indeed true.

Dental patients would secure a second opinion for a cavity diagnosis, so it makes sense that a surgery that could affect brain and spine function would be taken more seriously. No matter the type of spine surgery, such as laser spine surgery or open back surgery for instance, there are risks of paralysis and other life altering conditions.

In addition, brain surgery can lead to memory loss or dysfunction in whole or parts of the brain. As such, it’s imperative to work with an experienced neurosurgeon who has a successful track record with surgeries – if needed. The surgeon will typically find the least invasive ways to treat before the final resort, unless it’s a time sensitive matter that needs to be fixed immediately. One of these conditions would be a brain hemorrhage for instance. In this instance opportunities for second review will need to wait if you’re facing life or death.

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What are the meanings of Curb Painting colors?

Curb painting is done to allow people to know whether or not they can park in certain areas.  By being able to know what each color means you can become a safer driver.  Sometimes you may come across a colored curb that may not be identified with a sign as well. Knowing what each color represents will help you know what to do in each situation.  Many people have seen red curb painting before. Most areas have it as a place where there is no parking allowed. Also you can be a zone four fire trucks only. White is another commonly seen color. It is for loading and unloading typically with only a few minutes allowed for doing so. letter stencils Green curbs are not seen as often but they are set up to allow people to have short-term parking. Usually around 10 to 15 minutes is set aside for people to park go into an area and then quickly leave. Yellow painted curbs are specially designated for commercial loading and unloading. This means that you have to have a special commercial plate to be able to park in yellow marked areas. So if you are not a commercial licensed vehicle you will need to find somewhere else for pickups and drop offs.  Blue curbs are marked for those who have special disabilities in a parking permit to park in such areas. Making sure that you do not park in these areas is very important. This can also lend you a hefty fine if you are not in possession of a disabled parking permit. Knowing your parking lot striping symbols and curb painting will help you to be a better driver.

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