Carpet Cleaning Makes Home Feel like New!

A few friends of mine were looking for a new place to live and agreed to live in a home that they had never been to because the couple in it needed to move quickly for a job opportunity, but did not want to sell the house. They were excited. All of the pictures making the place look very nice. However after they arrived, they realized what a mistake they had made. The whole house smelled atrocious. The couple had kept 4 large dogs, and 5 cats in the house, and it smelled of urine and feces. The house came furnished and was expected to be kept with the same furniture. They did not know what they were going to do, the lease was already signed.

They started immediately searching for carpet cleaners. They wanted to find a company that did it all. From carpet and upholstery cleaning to area rug cleaning. Most specifically though they demanded that the company be able to do pet urine. They received more than they bargained for! The company even gave a guarantee of their service.  The miracle of a deep clean would be what saved my friends from what could have been a tricky situation.

Carpet cleaning make home feel like new!

The company arrived to their house on the outside of town on time just as they were scheduled. It only took a couple of hours to have everything done, the carpets were still slightly damp when the cleaners left, and only took an hour or so to dry. The windows were open and vans were going. Jason and Ashley were praying that after this, they could have friends over to the house and not be embarrassed by the smell of their humble abode.  That left to go for an early dinner and came back to realize their wish had come true. They stepped in! Satisfied a fresh light smell tickled their noses. The carpet cleaning worked! They had the rug cleaning services performed  in the living room and even had upholstery cleaning performed on all the couches! The whole place felt like new!

It was truly amazing to me the difference it made! You really felt like you could breath better! Not only that, the unpleasant odor had vanished, and their were no disturbing stains on the carpet! I visit my Grandma frequently, and she had always had pets, and the worst part was how hard it always felt to breath in her house. I often found myself opening the windows, turning on the fans and cutting my visits short because the house was so musky, the carpet so old you could feel its age with your bare feet. My grandmother was stubborn and did not want to deal with all the cost and efforts of replacing the carpet in her whole home. So I kindly suggested to her to consider simply getting her carpets cleaned! She did not seem opposed to this idea at gave it some thought. After seeing how fair the prices were, she decided to give it a try!

I took her our for lunch after they had finished so we could let the carpet dry. Sure enough, the whole home felt like new! I could not believe it! The carpet had turned almost 3 shades lighter and you did not feel suffocated by dirt and dust when you walked in. Grandma was impressed initially, but the next morning she called me ecstatic! She had slept the best she could had in years! She claimed it felt easier to breath! Honestly the wonders of carpet cleaning can make a place not only feel like new, but truly feel like home!


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