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Jeremy Hight
locative media artist/writer, Mission College, CA

Website | @http://twitter.com/barthesplaypong | Attendee Directory Profile

have shown work in locative media, new media, sound art, text and image art and text art at galleries and museums internationally.

author of “Modulated Mapping” (http://piim.newschool.edu/journal/issues/2009/02/pdfs/ParsonsJournalForInformationMapping_Hight-Jeremy.pdf)

essay on research and development of intuitive open source mapping/ web 3.0

author of “Immersive Event Time” (/piim.newschool.edu/journal/issues/2009/01/)

essay on new ways to measure events in time…and time itself…..looks at ar, immersive graphic visualizations and game interface recreations of historical events with ai

Author of “Immersive Sight in the Third Space” (neme.org/main/645/immersive-sight) Essay on how to combine augmented reality,virtual reality, aspects of locative media in exhibition spaces to create architectural analysis integrated spatial graphic design and interactive augmentation

author of “Narrative Archaeology”

I have published 20+ essays in various fields connected to art and technology, science and art and language,semiotics and creative writing. I am currently co-editing an issue of the leading journal in art, science and technology as well as a book. I curate on line exhibitions and advise festivals. I have been a professor (english, multimedia, design theory art history) for 9 years and love it.


Location: Ballroom IV
Tish Shute (Ugotrade), Jeremy Hight (Mission College, CA), Joe Lamantia (Blend Consulting), Sophia Parafina (Ugotrade), anselm hook (Meedan)
This panel will discuss shared augmented realities, considering some of the essential possibilities and challenges inherent in this new class of social augmented experiences. The format is presentation and discussion of a small set of scenarios (defined in advance, with audience input) describing likely future forms of shared augmented realities at differing scales of social engagement. Read more.