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Clouds, Crowds, and Shrouds: How One Government Agency Seeks to Change the Way It Spatially Enables Its Information

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Terrance Busch (Defense Intelligence Agency)
Location: Ballroom III

As a highly technically-aware government agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency has been developing enterprise-level geospatial tools for nearly twenty years. With the emergence of a more advanced web-o-sphere and rapid advancement of geospatial technologies, DIA has been leveraging many of these technologies to better equip our analysts, to work effectively and rapidly in a spatial environment. Moving from being simply dynamic with our data towards being truly enabled has been made increasingly difficult as data sources proliferate, users become spatially empowered, and we rapidly become an unstructured content universe. DIA’s efforts to accommodate and morph as these changes occurs have led to us to a diverse set of efforts that include cloud computing, advanced visualization tools, content and search technologies, and a rapid adoption of open source geospatial tools. This briefing details the experiences and lessons learned as we improve and work towards a more efficient geospatial enterprise.

Terrance Busch

Defense Intelligence Agency

Mr. Terrence Busch currently serves as the Senior Intelligence Officer for the Battlespace Visualization Division, Office for Joint Warfare support, Defense Intelligence Agency. In this capacity he oversees and ensures the successful implementation of enterprise capabilities, innovative geospatial analysis, and program development. Within the division, Mr. Busch has oversight of spatial innovation programs to include open source, cloud activities, and geospatial capabilities.

In 2005 Mr. Busch became Spatial Innovation Team Chief at DIA and program lead for the Distributed Geospatial Intelligence Network (DGINet) program. The spatial innovation team is responsible for developing new and innovative ways to make all-source data more interoperable, available, and usable across the spectrum of analytical capabilities.

In August 2003, Mr. Busch became the program manager for Airborne Rapid Imaging for Emergency Support (ARIES). After the events in New York City and at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, the Department of Homeland Security initiated ARIES to improve imaging delivery for first responders. ARIES led the way in transferring high bandwidth multiple image signals from aircraft directly to ground-deployed personnel.

Previously, Mr. Busch worked for the United States Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) as a Geographer, serving as an analyst for expeditionary warfare support. As an analyst, Mr. Busch designed geographic information systems (GIS) capabilities, developing intelligence products for forward-deployed Marine Corps intelligence and operational requirements

Mr. Busch lives in Vienna, Virginia and holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from George Mason University. His professional work focused on cartography, web-based mapping, remote sensing, and GIS. Mr. Busch is the author of several academic, commercial, and professional papers within his area of expertise.

Mr. Busch and his wife Linda live in Vienna, Virginia with their two children.