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Adding a Third Dimension to the Geoweb

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Aidan Chopra (Google)
Location: Ballroom III


As the Geoweb becomes an integral part of the way that we interact with geospatial information, consumers are expecting richer, more immersive experiences. When it comes to navigation, visualization, virtual tourism, and any number of other applications, there’s no substitute for being able to explore your world in the round; if a picture’s worth a thousand words, a 3D model is certainly worth a thousand pictures.

The Workshop

This workshop will introduce participants to the current state of the art in user-generated 3D content. It will also seek to help answer the following questions:

  • Why is 3D data important to the development of the GeoWeb?
  • What types of data really need to be 3D?
  • Who’s going to create all of this 3D content? Who’s going to use the content once it exists?
  • Why is a 3D model a more objective form of information than a photograph, and why does this matter?
  • What’s the best way to display existing 3D content on the Web?

Rather than relying on slides to convey information, participants will be encouraged to follow along on their laptops. Any learning that takes place will happen organically; we’ll use the following free apps and resources:

After the workshop, participants should be able to build an accurate, photo-textured, geo-located 3D model and see it in a GeoBrowser. They should understand the need for 3D visualization as it relates to place-based information, and be able to articulate that need to others. Lastly, they should be aware of the technologies that allow people to publish 3D content where others can see it.

Aidan Chopra


Aidan Chopra works at Google as the Product Evangelist for Google SketchUp, a 3D modeling tool used by design professionals, engineers and 3D enthusiasts all over the world. His most recent book is “Google SketchUp 7 For Dummies,” published this year by Wiley. Aidan holds an undergraduate degree from NSCAD University in Halifax, and a Master of Architecture degree from Rice University in Houston. At Google, his job is to be an advocate for the everyday communication of concepts, ideas and places in 3D.