The new hype about metal…

I cannot tell you how many people are looking for personalized pieces of artwork these days. That’s not to say that way back when people didn’t ask artists to create pieces for them; in fact, that’s how many artists gained a reputation and money. What I mean is that more and more people are looking for contemporary wall art to personalize and reflect their personality within their home. Unlike having a portrait taken, many people are demanding unique and abstract wall art to compliment their home.

There is a new hype about using metal art work to compliment your home. These metal pieces of art are used more frequently because of its modern and sleek appearance. That is, most metal art pieces are dynamic but still retain simplicity in its conception. On the other hand, it’s end product is very labor intensive, thereby making it more complex. Look at this metal artwork:

It is simple: an American flag. But if you look closer each stripe and each star are  perfectly unique and they were individually made. This metal artwork is modern yet it demonstrates the resilience and power of art. By making it a metal piece of art, it makes this image stand out. To explain, if someone just painted the flag on canvas, it probably wouldn’t be so appealing and remarkable. As a result, you can see how metal art work is gaining ground in popularity because it makes an everyday object into a work of art. And for me, that is what’s going to stick with people.

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