Mobile Apps and Users Experiences Created for People On-the-go

Christian O. Petersen (CloudMade)

This session will take you through how to come up with and create the next generation of location and context aware smartphone apps. Location is not just about checking in or navigating on a map. It’s the key difference between the old desktop applications and a new era of smartphone apps and user experiences created for people on-the-go. The first generation of iPhone and Android apps across categories of social, productivity, utilities or games were really just miniature versions of the same apps we know from the desktop and web. Over the next 6-18 month we will see a fundamental change resulting in a new generation of location and context aware smartphone apps that are truly built for mobile users. We will look at the key components that make social apps, utilities and games location enabled; data services that provide landscape, weather, time, seasons, roads, buildings, shops, events check-ins, friends’ latest locations etc. Finally we look at how developers can embrace the trend towards free apps and still use location to increase revenue.

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Christian O. Petersen


Christian has worked with online and mobile apps for 20 years. He has worked internationally as an expert on mobile applications and advergaming for companies such as Macromedia, Microsoft, Symbian, Kellogg’s, LEGO, Mars, and Nestle. His insight in working with consumers, software developers and large brand advertisers enables him to understand needs, wants and benefits for all 3 groups. The last 3 years his focus has been taking location enabled apps with location based advertising beyond a great idea to become reality for mobile developers, smart phone users and advertisers. Christian key role is VP Community for CloudMade who have built a developer community of 19,200 developers and a platform for helping these developers create location based apps and increase their monetization. In addition Christian is Partner in Progression Partners and Chairman of the Board of GlobusMedia who develops marketing software.

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