Where 2.0 Launch Presentations 2

Lenny Rachitsky (Localmind), Boris Bogatin (NearVerse), Paul Smith (C3 Technologies), David Levine (Geostellar), Danny Moon (UpNext), duncan mccall (PlaceIQ), Babak Hedayati (MobiLife), Bo Fishback (Zaarly)
Marketing Ballroom E

These back-to-back 5-minute launch sessions showcase companies and products debuting at Where 2.0. Come hear what’s new!


Presenter: Lenny Rachitsky


Presenter: Boris Bogatin

C3 Technologies

Presenter: Paul Smith


Presenter: Danny Moon


Presenter: Duncan McCall


Presenter: David Levine


Presenter: Babak Hedayati


Presenter: Bo Fishback

Lenny Rachitsky


Lenny is the founder of Localmind, a new location-based startup that allows you to find out what’s happening anywhere in the world, right now, by giving you the ability to send questions to people checked-in at any location. Prior to founding Localmind, Lenny was head of R&D at Webmetrics/Neustar in San Diego. He also puts both pant legs on at the same time. Want to know more? Click here.

Boris Bogatin


Boris Bogatin founded NearVerse in late 2008 as a proximity Internet company and heads up the company as the CEO. NearVerse is the maker of LoKast, an instant social network for the physical world - allowing users to easily connect with others right next to them, share media, and jointly experience their physical settings. NearVerse uses its proximity platform to uniquely power LoKast and proximity Internet, leveraging 802.11 D2D tech and carrier networks in a unified system, to serve up the best-of-breed content delivery, location ID and proximity context, and other proximity functionality.

Previously, Boris helped start LightSquared and was the VP of Corporate Development and Technology Strategy for the company. Boris helped grow LightSquared from a $200 million company at its start into a U.S. wholesale, all-LTE wireless network powering the wireless offers of some of the biggest Internet and consumer companies in U.S. Boris graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with finance, operations management, and systems engineering degrees. In his spare time, he enjoys teaching his 3 year old son calculus and doing stuff in the physical world (mostly as an excuse to multitask).

Paul Smith

C3 Technologies

Paul has more than a decade of geo-web content and location-based application experience. At C3 Technologies. he is responsible for leading the company’s revenue and product strategies.

David Levine


David Levine is the CEO of Geostellar, a big-data geomatics platform computing the precise solar power potential of every rooftop, lot and field in the nation.

Mr. Levine previously founded Gamebryo, the leading platform for 3D game development, and served as Vice President, Business Development for Lanworth, a natural resource intelligence company, Vice President, Geospatial Solutions for the James W. Sewall Company, where he led the operating unit responsible for GIS, enterprise systems engineering and integration, cadastral dataset production and forest cover-type mapping, and Senior Vice President for Imagetree, a LiDAR-based forest inventory platform.

In the 80’s he fronted the band Senator Flux.

Danny Moon


Danny Moon is the co-founder and CEO of UpNext, an interactive 3D mapping platform for mobile devices. The UpNext mapping platform is used by companies such as the NFL and NY Times and powers the award winning app, UpNext 3D Cities. Danny runs the business operations for UpNext. Danny holds a Master’s degree from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley.

duncan mccall


Duncan McCall is the CEO and Co-Founder of PlaceIQ. PlaceIQ is turning ‘location into context’. Extracting intelligence and meaning from the ever increasing mass of location specific data being created, enabling an understanding of a hyper local location like never before. Empowering advertisers, marketers and more to connect the right message with the right location, at the right time…

Duncan has played pivotal roles in a number of startups, including Founder and CEO of PublicEarth - a venture backed consumer internet business with the goal of enabling and empowering users of location aware devices. Prior prior to this he led the operational and system build of a retail organization from one location, into a multi state, 20 plus location retail enterprise – whilst also leading the acquisition and integration of one of the organization’s leading competitors. He also was part of the management team for a cutting edge RFID software organization, and prior to this built and led IS Solutions INC, a premier Silicon Valley based System Integrator. Outside of the startup environment Duncan has also made an impact for one of the world’s largest organizations in working for ExxonMobil, in the UK and Asia.

Babak Hedayati


Babak Hedayati, CEO of MobiLife (the makers of MyTymz, DeHood, Vyoom and other successful apps) has over 20 years of high-tech experience in LBS, gaming, social networking and software. Before MobiLife, he served as CEO of Vsolay/DemosOnDemand.com and prior to that he was SVP of worldwide marketing & applications at Cypress Semi-Conductor. Babak holds a BS-EE from SJSU, is a graduate of Harvard Business School Advanced Management and has attended the Stanford Business School AEA Entrepreneurial Program.

Bo Fishback


Bo Fishback is the founder and CEO of Zaarly, a proximity based, real-time, buyer powered market where buyers make an offer for an immediate need and sellers cash in on their local marketplace. If you’ve ever said, “I’d pay _ for __” then Zaarly is for you. If you’ve ever said “I want money”, well… you’re welcome.

Previously Bo was the President of Kauffman Labs and the Vice President of Entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation.

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