NFC & RFID with Android

Tod Kurt (ThingM)

The Google Nexus S offers support for Near Field Communication (NFC), an extension to a RFID smart card protocol popularly used for secure access, metro passes (Oyster/Clipper), and electronic money (FeliCa/Octopus). NFC in smartphones promises adding these features to the phone you carry by allowing the it to emulate both RFID tag and reader.

NFC additionally adds new capabilities like exchanging configuration data such as WiFi settings, trading vCard contact information, reading URLs, triggering SMS text messages or initiating calls, and secure bi-directional communication between NFC devices.

This session will cover what NFC and RFID is and is not, what Android on the Nexus S is currently capable of, and some examples of how to add NFC to your apps.

Tod Kurt


Tod E. Kurt is co-founder of ThingM, a ubiquitous computing device studio based in San Francisco and Pasadena and is creator of BlinkM, the popular Smart LED prototyping device. Tod is a contributor to MAKE magazine, the author of “Hacking Roomba”, an active member in the Arduino community, and co-founder of the Los Angeles hackerspace Crash Space. His past work includes being the original systems architect of, the first public pay-per-click search engine, and a researcher in Yahoo Research Lab. Before that, Tod was a hardware, software, and firmware engineer working on robotic camera systems that went to Mars.

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