Getting Started with Google Maps and Fusion Tables

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Kathryn Hurley (Google), Mano Marks (Google, Inc. )
Development - Location Ballroom G
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In 2009, Google released a revolutionary new product, Google Fusion Tables. Users upload large tabular data files, and then with a few clicks have a customized, impactful visualization. Since its release, Fusion Tables has added a lot of new features, including allowing users to easily create maps, allowing users with no programming skills, no GIS skills, and just a spreadsheet to upload data to Google and have a Google Map, or any of a variety of other visualizations, within minutes. For those who like code, Fusion Tables also has a developer API and easy integration with Google Maps API applications.

Participants in the workshop will learn about the different capabilities of Fusion Tables, including:

1) Uploading spreadsheets, CSV files, and KML files to Fusion Tables 2) Merging data with other data tables 3) Protecting their data attribution 4) Collaborating with other users 5) Creating a very simple Google Maps API app that uses a datatable

This workshop will be paced so that participants can follow along on their own, so bring your laptop if you want to build a map from data in a few easy steps. If you want to bring your own data set to work with, great, otherwise we will provide samples to work with.

Kathryn Hurley


Kathryn Hurley recently joined Google as a Developer Programs Engineer for Fusion Tables. In this role, she helps spread the word about Fusion Tables by presenting at conferences and developer events. She recently worked on Google’s 2010 U.S. Election Ratings gadget. She received an MS in Web Science from the University of San Francisco and a BS in Genetics from the University of California, Davis. Prior work experience includes research in mobile and peer-to-peer computing.

Photo of Mano Marks

Mano Marks

Google, Inc.

Mano joined Google’s Geo API team in 2006. He helps people all over the world develop and deploy their content in KML and Google Maps, working with large companies, small startups, and international aid organizations. Before coming to Google, Mano had an eclectic career that involved getting a Masters in History, a Masters in Information Management and Systems, and working as a data manager in social service and public benefit organizations for over a decade.

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