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Open WiFi Geolocation with Geomena

Adam DuVander (ProgrammableWeb), Don Park (donpark.org)

In this session you will learn about the project that is cataloging every WiFi access point in the world. If one is wrong, you can update it. If one is missing, you can add it.

Geomena is three things:
  • Database of geocoded WiFi access points
  • Service to locate based on WiFi
  • Platform to provide data to the project

The first two pieces also exist elsewhere, but are proprietary (Skyhook, Google). The last was the impetus to create the Geomena project. As more sites utilize WiFi geolocation, maintaining the right result will impact many more users.

The name? It’s based on Phaenomena, an ancient catalog of stars. Much as stars aided navigation long ago, Geomena’s database of WiFi access points will help show us the way.

Photo of Adam DuVander

Adam DuVander


Adam DuVander has been a contributor to Webmonkey, Wired’s Web developer resource, since 2000. His location-related work for BestPlaces.net has been seen on MSN, Yahoo and the Wall Street Journal. He is the author of Map Scripting, a mapping API cookbook that will be published in March by No Starch Press.

Don Park


Don Park is an open source and geolocation advocate. He works in a variety of technologies, with a focus on Ruby on Rails programming. In 2009 he founded an online marketplace for delivery services. Not surprisingly, Don is also an avid biker.