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Maps from Scratch: Online Maps from the Ground Up

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Michal Migurski (Stamen Design), Shawn Allen (Stamen Design), Josh Livni (Umbrella Consulting), Dane Springmeyer (Freelance Consultant)
Location: Regency Ballroom #1

This workshop will be an in-depth survey of the state of the art in interactive digital cartography.

We will cover techniques for design and deployment of tile-based image interfaces. We’ll look at pixel-based data sources, free vector data sources like OpenStreetMap, rendering tools such as Mapnik and GDAL, and client-side interaction libraries such as Modest Maps and OpenLayers.

We’ll look at underlying interface and display strategies for zooming, panning, continuous, infinite planes of visual information. We’ll also investigate applications of geographic tools to cultural and historical artifacts.

Stamen’s liminal position as a technology and design studio allows us to approach online map making from a unique perspective. We explore and create tools that afford new interactions with geographic and other data, for organizations such as SFMOMA, MSNBC, California Academy of Sciences,,,, and the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games.

Photo of Michal Migurski

Michal Migurski

Stamen Design

Stamen partner Michal Migurski leads the technical and research aspects of Stamen’s work, moving comfortably from active participation in Stamen’s design process, designing data, prototyping applications, to creating the dynamic projects that Stamen delivers to clients.

Michal has been building for the web since 1995, specializing in big, exciting datasets and the means to communicate and disseminate them to broad audiences for a variety of clients. He speaks publicly on these and other topics to academic and industry audiences, participates actively in a variety of open source development efforts, maintains an active weblog at, holds a degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley.

Photo of Shawn Allen

Shawn Allen

Stamen Design

Shawn is a partner and design director at Stamen, a San Francisco studio specializing in data visualization and mapping.

As Design Director, he takes an active role in both the design of interactive information interfaces and the development of the underlying technologies that drive them. Since 2000 he has created numerous tools on the web for discovering real-time and historical data from transportation systems, social networks, live cultural and sporting events, public advocacy organizations, and the news media.

Shawn also advocates for open data and consults journalists, policymakers, and the public sector on strategies for making digital information relevant, accessible, and desirable.

Josh Livni

Umbrella Consulting

Josh is the founder of Umbrella Consulting, a consortium of GIS and web developers. He focuses on analysis of spatial data, and integrating data visualization with modern web technologies. Josh is an active participant in the open source geospatial community.

Photo of Dane  Springmeyer

Dane Springmeyer

Freelance Consultant

Dane Springmeyer is a Mapnik developer, and avid GeoDjango user, and frequent instructor in Python programming for Mapping visualization and analysis. He works as a freelance geospatial application developer in Seattle.