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Location-based (x)

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Natasha Leger (LBx Journal)
Location: Regency Ballroom
Presentation: Location-based (x) Presentation [ZIP]

Location-based (x) (LBx) is the recognition that all products and services are connected to location, whether they have to do with supply chain, transportation costs, distribution, inventory, asset management, proximity to the customer, or the performance of the product or service in various marketing. What is the (x) variable to you?

Location-based services, and location-based application now abound. However, the problem for enterprises is determining how to evaluate the multiple options, from free, to SaaS, to traditional, proprietary and expensive. What is the business question to be answered? What business issues are involved? What technology makes sense? This presentation is intended for business users and will discuss the business issues and objectives associated with deploying location-based solutions in an enterprise such as:
  • ROI/business case—with options available across a wide financial spectrucm from free, to low cost, to expensive, what makes sense for new business users? Discussion of three distinct geospatial markets.
  • Data Quality—for example: underlying data quality is the biggest obstacle to deployment of location solutions within the cable industry
  • Business development and Revenue mining— In today’s environment, everyone from the CEO to the janitor is responsible for revenue—for finding new revenue and growing the business. How can location intelligence help in mining for revenue? For example, a company’s use fo GoogleEarth, GIS and business cases to identify $20 million in new revenue.
  • Inventory management—In today’s retail environment of just in time inventory, and slim margins, inventory management, distribution, and logistics are critical. For example, a company’s use of RFID data and location mapping
  • Digital asset management—In today’s multimedia environment, data is being created, stored, and shared in multiple formats from text, to graphics, to voice, to video. The ability to search and manage these diverse information sets is critical to effective knowledge management within an organization that impacts the development of new products and services, and operations.


Natasha Leger

LBx Journal

Natasha Léger is the founder and President of ITF Advisors, LLC, a Denver-based market intelligence and strategy advisory firm with a focus on technology, media, and telecommunications companies. ITF provides market assessment, strategy and business planning services to companies and organizations looking to invest and grow in a rapidly changing marketplace. Clients include startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Ms. Léger has been focused on developing next-generation market intelligence tools, and advising communications, software, video, and geospatial data companies. She has over ten years experience in scenario-based strategic planning. She has developed global planning strategies and alternative planning assumptions for Fortune 500 companies and small-medium sized businesses in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications industry. Ms. Léger has helped companies develop business plans, corporate, product and service strategies, identify unforeseen risks and opportunities, reinvigorate their strategic planning process, and position them for growth and investment opportunities.

Ms. Léger is the co-author of the Next-gen Mapping column in ImagingNotes magazine and will be the Editor of its spinoff magazine, LBx Journal.