When Can I Put My Baby on a High Chair ?

When Can I Put My Baby on a High Chair
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When Can I Put My Baby on a High Chair ?

“When can I put my baby on a high chair?” One of the most googled terms by the parents of newborn babies.

Well, you got to put your little one in a high chair eventually one day, so your concern is totally legit. But the problem is, the most answers parents receive are not clear enough and confusing at the same time.

But that doesn’t matter because we have the answer right here. Take preparation for a high chair keeping a few things in mind:

The Months

Well, it actually doesn’t depend on the age to be precise, it’s your baby’s growth that matters. But age isn’t an unimportant fact either. Because babies have nearly the same growth at the same time, only with a few differences here and there. A baby maybe learned to sit on her back at the age of 6 months, but there can be another baby who learned the same thing one month or a few days later.

However, we can’t ignore this fact for slight differences like that. So the approximated accurate time for bringing a high chair is from fourth to sixth month. Actually it depends on your baby, the age relies on the time when she’s able to sit on her back.

Can She Sit?

The second important question that you should ask yourself. Can she sit? High chair feeding isn’t possible if the baby can’t sit. A newborn’s spine is still extremely weak after her birth, so you can’t think of a high chair just after the labor.

When her spine is strong enough, when she’s out of the ‘shaking will misplace the bone’ zone, when you can place her before some upright wall and she won’t fall on her side; in short, when her body is mature enough to keep balance and sit, that’s when the high chair should be brought.

The Food Habit

Since the high chair is actually meant for feeding, it’s foremost utility depends on your baby’s food habit. That technically works in two ways. Firstly, the way of feeding her and secondly, the food choice.

Let’s focus on the first part first. When a baby is born, her body may seem completely prepared, but her anatomy is still developing. Yes, you may not know that though the human body is made of 206 bones, the number is higher in the newborn: the ultimate proof that the body isn’t developed that time. That’s why their bone joints are fragile, neck and head connection is sensitive.

So for the first couple of months, you gotta carry her to breastfeed. The spine is still weak that time. But after a few months, when she can sit on her own, she doesn’t need to be fed in your laps anymore and that’s the time when you should put her in a high chair.

Now about the second part, she can’t be fed anything else rather than breast milk when she’s still in her sixth month. So you can either wait till the seventh month and breastfeed her the natural way, or put her in the high chair and bottle feed. It depends on your baby’s sitting ability and your comfort.

But after the sixth month, her body is ready for solid food and when it happens, you must turn to a high chair. She’s old enough, can sit and you can feed her some solid food with the spoon, why should you wait any longer?

Baby’s Strength

It all depends on the baby’s strength. When you’re willing to use a high chair, you’re obviously expecting the baby to sit firmly on the seat. She will be strong enough to hold herself in the place, will be able to lean against a wall, and will respond cheerfully to all your actions.

That’s when you know your baby is strong enough to sit in a high chair. Because you don’t wanna hurt your weak newborn by placing her in the chair right before she develops the ability. It’ll be dangerous.

Your Capability

Your capacity matters too. Because you’re the one who’s gonna be the most helped by the chair. Till the baby’s old enough to join the dining table, it’s your responsibility to make sure that she’s being fed and a high chair makes the task easier.

So, when your baby’s ready to sit and eat, it’s time to see if you’re prepared to add the high chair to your kitchen or not. If you are, it’s high time you brought the chair home!

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