Types of Cubicles

Cubicles, nowadays, are commonly used by work offices and other establishments. Cubicle is a modular system with a purpose of proving individual work spaces. Cubicles can be installed differently depending of what type of office there is and the needs of it. There are different types of cubicles, whether you want to have panels for free standing or just ready-made stations with built in file cabinets and other shelves.

Free standing. This type of cubicles is the easiest to install and arrange than other types since this are not attached to any desk, cabinets and shelves. It is usually used for temporary cubicle solution. Although is very affordable and easy to set up, this somehow do not offer much usefulness.

Panel-mounted. This is a type of cubicle that is attached directly to the desk, filling cabinets, shelving and other work surfaces. Also, this cubicle is fixed to the tandem that why it can offer changeable types of privacy.

Acoustic. This is designed for high soundproofed workplace. Most of the materials that composed the acoustic cubicles are designed to absorb sound. Materials like steel, aluminum, and fiber glass, are used in creating the cubicle’s panels. This material can last for several years.

Smooth surface. Unlike acoustic cubicles, this type of cubicle is easier to clean and maintain. Most materials are made of plastics, laminate, PVC and stainless steel.

Transparent. This provides visible workplace and can add light in the area. However, it is not soundproofed and provides less privacy as well.

Electric. This is designed to have panels that offer conduits. The conduits are used to run electricity to the panel system.

The cubicle walls come with different sizes and heights since they differ in the degree of privacy needs by the one who will use it.