Hoverboard and tips to buy

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Hoverboard and tips to buy

Hoverboard, also called, Smartboard, Segway, electric scooter or electric skateboard.

Why buy a hoverboard?

First of all, because it is a modern, cool and entertaining means of transport. In addition, the hoverboard has many other advantages that make it perfect for travel in urban areas.

The hoverboard is a device:

  • Ecological: As an electric vehicle, the hoverboard emits no gas and does not pollute. Thanks to him, it is, therefore, possible to easily reduce his carbon footprint and participate in the collective ecological effort.
  • Economic: Much more economical than any other means of transport, the hoverboard involves very little expense once purchased. Getting a high-performance battery will easily allow you to travel more than 20 km for a 1 hour 30 minutes of charging. Moreover, Samsung or LG brand batteries are designed to assist more than 500 charges. The hoverboard is, therefore, a practical way to get around town for free.
  • Ergonomic: Most 6 and 8-inch models weigh 12 kg and can, therefore, be easily transported. They can be kept in a closet, whether at home or in the office. A transport backpack will allow you to easily store your hoverboard once you have arrived at your destination, without having to search for a parking space.
  • Fast: Depending on your route and your body weight, the hoverboard can reach a speed greater than 15 km/h. This will save time of any journey of less than 5 km in the city by hoverboard more effective than by car.

How to choose a hoverboard?

The choice of the model of your overboard will depend on 2 major criteria: your weight, and the terrain on which you expect to ride. Below 20Kg the gyroscopic sensors will not work perfectly, so we do not recommend the purchase below this weight. Note that above 120Kg, hoverboards will not work either. In simple terms, to use a hoverboard it is necessary that your weight is in the range: 20-120KG.

Regarding the land of use, you have the choice between 4 product ranges: 6 Inches, 8 Inches, All Terrain (Hummer) and 10 inches.

For classic use on urban roads, sidewalks, and tarmacs, you can choose the 6 and 8-inch model. If you want to ride on rougher terrain (Earth, Garden, etc.) We recommend the models of all-terrain hoverboards and 10 inch Segway. Also, note that the handling of the hoverboard skateboard will depend on the size of the wheels. The larger the wheels of your hoverboard, the more the handling of the device is reduced. The speed of rotation of the aircraft will be slower on a machine equipped with 10-inch wheels than on a hoverboard with 6 or 8-inch wheels.

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Criteria for purchasing

Before making your purchase on the internet, you should check the following important points:

  • Driving power: The recommended power for a quality hoverboard is 2 motors of 350W each. Below this power, your hoverboard may roll below 10KM / H, which is quite dangerous.
  • Autonomy and charging time: The charging time varies depending on the model, but the standard remains 1h30 – 2 hours of charging for the autonomy of 20KM on a conventional road. If you ride on more complicated terrain, the range will decrease more quickly. Without forgetting that the weight of the “driver” plays a lot of autonomy.
  • Quality and brand of the Battery: Be careful to choose only one model that must include a Samsung or LG brand battery, a guarantee of quality and longevity for the battery (36 V 4.4 Ah Lithium-Ion).
  • Maximum speed: The maximum speed of hoverboards varies between 15 and 25KM / H depending on the range.
  • Weight of the hoverboard: The weight is an important choice criterion, prefer hoverboards weighing less than 12 kg for children.
  • Waterproof: Most good quality hoverboards are water-resistant and will withstand light rain on the road. If you live in a humid or rainy area, be sure to choose a hoverboard model with non-slip, water-resistant wheels. Please note, with hoverboards that are made to run in light rain, you should not ride in water with your electric vehicle.
  • Accessories and options: They could be LED headlights, Bluetooth speakers (Music), Samsung battery, Carrying bag and Remote control or iPhone & Android application. The options and accessories available with your hoverboard will significantly vary the price of it.

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