Tips for buying diamond rings

Tip 1: Never buy the first ring you see.

Take the time to visit a few jewlery stores in Salt Lake City, and really look at their selection.  Ask questions and get prices for the different types of rings.  It is also a good idea to bring the woman along to show you which rings she likes so you know what to get when the time comes.

Tip 2: Do not just go for size.

Bigger does not always mean better.  You want to make sure the ring you choose is the right price and has the most sparkle.  You do not want to purchase a dull diamond just because it is big.  Plus it is easier to see the flaws on bigger stones.

Tip 3: Find a ring you know she will love.

Do your research. Ask her to point out diffrent rings she likes, look at her jewelry and get a sense of her style.  Ask her friends and her family for help as well.  It is important to make sure the ring you get is the one.

Tip 4: Always keep it simple if you are unsure.

If you have any doubts about the ring she will like, it is best to stick with a diamond solitare ring.  It is beatiful in its simplicity and always classic.

Tip 5: Try buying online

Going from store to store can be phycially draining.  But, there is some great news. Shop online and cut out all the shopping around.  Once you know what your budget is and what kind of ring you want go online and get it delivered to you.  You may even get a better deal, and you do not even have to leave the house!


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