The search for the best caterer for your wedding

Recently my good friend became engaged. She was all a twitter and excited about planning a wedding. One of the things she is most excited about, other than the dress, is the chance to get different caterers.   An avid foodie, my friend is super excited about meeting with different catering companies and testing out the different menus.

From the moment she became engages she has been looking up different caterers and setting appointments with them. She went to appointment after appointment and would relegate the tales of deliciousness.  Some of the things she would describe would make your mouth water.

I remember one time she came back from a cake tasting and she was obsessesed with the cake she tasted. It was a creme brule and carmel cake. She could not stop bragging about it.  Just listening to her describe the cake was enough to make me crave  it and I do not even like creme brule.

Soon after the cake tasting my friend started in on the whole event. She met with many wedding catering companies.  She met with companies that offered an all vegitarian meal, a italian cuisine expert and even a raw food caterer.   She eventually decided on a caterer that had a wide variety of menu choices to meet all of her needs. I am looking forward to her wedding day if for nothing else for the food.  It will be a good time and there will be great food no doubt, which is the best part of a wedding in my opinion.



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