The apartment bike rack

apartment bike rack
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The apartment bike rack

The apartment bike rack: No rest on the floor

apartment bike rack

Welcome to our guide to the apartment bike rack. In addition to a suitable support for car journeys, it is essential to have a suitable storage space for bikes even in a residence.

Indeed, to avoid clutter, dodge malfunctions in the frames, wheels and handlebars, it is better to install a bicycle rack for apartment. More than essential equipment for the storage of two wheels, it greatly influences the interior decoration. The apartment bike rack is one of the trends of our time.

Why adopt an apartment bike rack?

Bike rack for apartment – 2An ecological and economical means of transport, a tool for decompressing and keeping fit, equipment for walking and exploring nature, the bike has been on the rise for a few years.

If before, cyclists stored their bicycles in the cellar, in the garage or basement, out of sight. Bike carriers for apartments are booming.

In the modern era, there are those designed to proudly display bikes in the living room. The latter will have a more rustic charm, while the bike remains intact. No fear about the essential components of the bicycle, they are perfectly protected.

On the other hand, installing an apartment bike rack reflects modernity in a home. According to the claims of interior designers, bikes can become an art to contemplate on a daily basis. By adopting the appropriate apartment bike rack, the bike is highlighted and brings a personal and original touch to the decoration.

Note that the manufacturers present a wide selection of apartment bike carriers. The support is robust, aesthetic and can accommodate several bicycles depending on the model.

An apartment bike rack for which room?

Considered to date as a decorative object in its own right, it is imperative to identify the correct location for the bike and the apartment bike rack. If some people remain skeptical about its installation, many cyclists are convinced by this New York trend. In terms of decoration, there are no special rules. You just have to follow your instinct to perfect an authentic rendering, worthy of your personality.

Bike rack for apartment – 3

Inspired by New York leanings, the apartment bike rack is suitable in the living room. In addition to the reminder of the residents’ passion, it completes the decoration by adding a unique style.

For the apartment bike rack model, the market offers suspended models, wall-mounted apartment bike carriers, bike carriers to be installed on beams, the choice is immense. The decision depends on the space available and consumer preferences.

In short, the apartment bike rack is an ingenious and harmonious storage system. It personalizes the apartment, preserves the initial state of the two wheels, just as it is a decoration accessory in vogue. But despite these advantages, this equipment is not a necessity, but an option.

Adopting an apartment bike rack comes from a feeling of renewal and innovation. It is not an obligation, especially since the bikes can be stored in the cellar, in the basement, in the laundry room or in the garage. In any case, the apartment bike rack is a great alternative for cyclists.

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