Terracotta Tableware – Trends In 2020

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Terracotta Tableware – Trends In 2020

Terracotta Tableware – Trends In 2020

Steingut Geschirr – Der Trend 2020

Crockery made in eastern countries around the world many years ago. Among the numerous enameled pots, stone tableware also adorned the dining room tables at home. It never seems to be outdated.

The stone tableware impresses all with its unique look and is now on trend back in 2020. Remember – eat with your eyes!

Steingut-geschirr.com aggregates interesting information, reports your experiences, and offers you shopping suggestions.

steingut geschirr

Stone dishes suitable for a better breakfast:

For years, nutrition experts have been saying that a healthy and beautiful breakfast is an important way to start the day. Experts not only help us think and perform better at work, but also benefit our health in many other ways.

These experts include Jessica Crandall, a registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

“A lot of times people think they know nutrition because they eat it,” she said, “but you need great scientific and scientific basis to know what our bodies really need. And as everyone knows – eyes eat “

This is exactly where we at steingut-geschirr.com come in and help and support to perfect the morning breakfast at least physically and find the right stone dishes for you.

We recommend an 18-course breakfast set that includes 6 cups of coffee (390 ml), 6 cereal bowls and 6 dessert plates – in a variety of colors.

Mäser is very well known in this field and stands out continuously in tests due to its high quality. Manufacturing in Austria and Switzerland also says that. We tested this set of tableware and introduced the colorful “Bel Tempo” collection, handcrafted from beautiful thick earthenware in a variety of colors.

Hence, the whole series is handmade and would like to be washed by hand. However, it should be noted that this classic stone tableware was marked as microwavable in our testing.

steingut geschirr

The question arises, why should I buy terracotta dishes?

Regardless of the main course or the dessert – the sturdy surface allows for years without damage. With fine art stone tableware, you can perfect your wonderful culinary arts and skillfully create culinary masterpieces. Can it be glossy or matte? Today’s stone tableware comes in many different colors and shapes. In the end, it all depends on personal preference.

But finding the right stone tableware is not easy. Before you can buy terracotta tableware, you should get an overview. A large number of manufacturers have brought many styles and shapes to the market in recent years.

What is the difference between earthenware, stoneware and porcelain?

Are you considering adding a new service and are facing the question of what is the right tableware for the right occasion? Earthenware differs from porcelain not only in visual terms but also especially in production. Sturdy terracotta dish racks, everyday use and carefree.

Porcelain is a mixture of kaoli, quartz and feldspar. Different types of porcelain are a result of the heating temperature and the ratio of the raw materials. During the manufacturing process, porcelain is heated and enameled twice. On the other hand, terracotta is based on a mixture of clay with quartz and feldspar. But it may also contain other minerals, such as calcite. Stone dishes are then heated at a temperature of 900 to 1100 degrees C. The final surface coating, such as enamel, makes the material waterproof and sturdy. Compared to porcelain, terracotta crockery is a crockery that is significantly denser and not blurred.

In terms of price, stone tableware also offers many advantages, such sets are often far behind expensive porcelain services.

Therefore, when shopping for tableware, there are many types of materials for you to choose from. Porcelain, stone or earthenware and other materials have their own qualities, characteristics and also disadvantages.

To make the best decision, you should research the properties of each material. Use this guide so that you can better understand your terracotta shopping.

What is stone tableware?

Another type of ceramic, terracotta, is usually more durable than stone because the clay is made of a glass (glass) material. The body of stonework is thicker and opaque than finer materials such as china and porcelain and can be refined with a variety of enamel structures such as glossy, satin or matte.

It is commonly used in normal, everyday settings. Most high-quality earthenware can be used and cared for in many ways. It can be placed in a microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer (of course, ask the manufacturer about the specifics of your dishes). It should not be exposed to sudden or too high temperature changes.

What does porcelain or chinaware mean?

Porcelain and porcelain is the term used to refer to dishes made from a fine clay, usually made of feldspar, kaolin and quartz and heated at a higher temperature. This makes the dishes extremely durable and free from pitting.

This process also allows the body to be thinner and more refined, giving it a transparent look and allowing molded details to be incorporated into the body design.

Most high-end porcelain is safe for dishwashers, microwaves and ovens unless the manufacturer states otherwise. China, with a bezel in gold, silver, or platinum, should not be microwaved, and detergents with a lemon or citrus scent can damage metal accents.

Porcelain porcelain usually looks more upscale and is more suitable for more formal occasions, but it can also be used on a daily basis to add a bit of class to any meal.

And what is melamine tableware?

If you’re looking for unbreakable panels, melamine is the way to go. This plastic material is light, but feels sturdy, not flexible, and has a glossy surface. It is practically indestructible and ideal for children or outdoor use.

It is usually dishwasher safe, but not suitable for a microwave or oven and should not be heated. Melamine does not contain BPA. There are many types of melamine dishes at Amazon.

Where can I buy quality stone tableware?

Can you easily order stone crockery online and have it delivered to your door? Why come to Ikea when stone cutlery can be delivered right to the table? At Amazon there was also a large number of sets chosen and tested, which also convinced us on the editorial team. Regardless of whether you want gray, colored or blue terracotta – you will find it. Plus, you have 14 days to exchange everything if you don’t like something. Very simple, right? Another internal tip from us would be the following in addition to the trendy tableware: the Moscow Mule cup. Take a look at the copper mugs and you will quickly fall in love.

One colorful crockery, for example, each has a Mahkzeit style and is sure to be a good investment – this is also the icing layer on the cake in the kitchen.

Cups and espresso cups made of terracotta – a real insider tip

For example, there are also first class iced porcelain espresso cups. Preparing a real cup of espresso takes practice and patience – a real masterpiece. You have to find the perfect blender, the right beans and the optimal preparation temperature for the perfect flavor and cream. This masterpiece should also be enjoyed and drank in a “real” espresso made with ice, in which the espresso can bring out its full aroma. Here are some examples of thick-walled espresso cups and double-walled espresso cups made from terracotta crockery – great things to buy.

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