Man Engagement Rings

Since the recent creation of the same-sex marriage bill in the US and laws passed in many places, engagement ring sales have been sky rocketing.  However, it is not your typical diamond ring that is being purchased in all cases, and it certainly isn’t just the ladies getting in on the bling action.

Many male couples have decided to purchase what is affectionately being called “mangagement rings.”  These rings can take on a a variation of shapes, sizes, colors, and stones .Many Denver Jewelry Stores have said that their sales have spiked in the recent weeks for orders that include a single diamond set into a platinum band.  A classic, simple, and modern choice that often looks great on a man’s finger.  Companies are preparing for these rings to increase in orders and sales over the next few weeks and for sales to boom immediately after the law is passed.  Many are predicting that couples are simply just waiting to get engaged until the law passes and then many may want matching engagement bands along with a later purchase of matching wedding bands.

This is an exciting time for same-sex couples along with the rest of the country.  The Diamond Reserve is certainly excited about the upcoming events and we hope that we can provide many happy couples with beautiful diamond rings.  If you are in search of a great place to buy your engagement rings or wedding bands, or even just a special gift, contact us today to make an appointment to sit down in a personal one on one meeting with our diamond expert!

Diamonds In Your Legos

The Diamond ReserveCan you imagine your childhood Legos containing diamonds?!  Well neither can we, but some very amazing professional Lego builders have created an amazing display of the British royal family and Buckingham Palace to be displayed at Legoland in Windsor and the Discovery Center in Manchester.

The amazing creation, made entirely from Lego blocks, not only includes the queen, but the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, The Duchess or Cornwall, and other royals standing in front of Buckingham palace on the world famous balcony.  The model which was made to commemorate the Queen’s 60 years on the throne, was originally revealed at the 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London.

Now you might be wondering what this has to do with diamonds, well The Diamond Reserve was shocked to discover that this model actually contains 48 real diamonds in the crown of Queen Elizabeth II.  These small, white, brilliant, round cut diamonds are set into a Lego plastic crow that fits snuggly on top of the Lego queen’s head.  There is even a Lego of purple to more accurately demonstrate the royal crown.  Each diamond is no bigger than .50-carats and are inlaid in the same design and pattern as the real royal crown. This is truly an amazing advancement in Legos and certainly not what I used to play with!

There are many Diamond Wholesalers; Denver is full of jewelry stores and places to buy precious gems.  If you are in the market for a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry for yourself and not your Legos, come visit The Diamond Reserve today!


Diamond Gets Flushed

Many Jewelry Stores cringe when they hear stories such as this one, where a woman accidentally dropped and flushed a diamond down the toilet.  Last week, a woman reportedly went to the restroom and ended up dropping her $22,000 ring in the toilet and flushing it down.  It is a good lesson for anyone who wears expensive jewelry, to be sure and monitor your jewelry and be aware of it at all times.  It is also important to get insurance, in case something like this were to happen.

The ring was flushed down what they suspect was an automatic flushing toilet, not allowing the woman to have enough time to reach in and grab the ring prior to the flush.  This isn’t the first time automatic flushing toilets have been the culprits of flushing too quickly.  Luckily for this woman, crews were able to dig through the waste and find the ring, which was then obviously cleaned and returned to the owner.  It certainly makes you wonder who was out digging in the waste for a small ring.

The Diamond Reserve always encourages our customers to be protective of their jewelry.  Expensive jewelry Is very beautiful, but it is also something that comes with responsibility.  One must be sure to insure their large or expensive pieces of jewelry through their homeowners or renters insurance.  It is also wise to invest in a safe to keep your valuables when you are not wearing them. If you are interested in more information visit The Diamond Reserve’s website today or give us a call!