Gluten free options are the new black.

Remember the time when everyone referred to everything that was then popular as being the “new black?”  Maybe that is still the case and I happen to just not go out enough.  Whatever the case, I feel like this is a good example for all of the gluten free foods that have invaded our gluten rich foods space.  I am not gluten intolerant and I know this because I have eaten seitan wings at Watercourse several times.  The seitan wings there are pure gluten.  Literally.  They take a bunch of wheat germ and run water over it until the only thing that remains is the protein base or gluten of the wheat.  They then take that mound or whatever form it may be at that point in time and shape and flavor it.  It’s pretty great tasting, except the mound proceeds to just sit in your stomach for a couple of days after you eat it and no one wants that.  Anyway, the number of gluten free items have exploded in recent years due to the high demand from individuals, claiming they are gluten sensitive.  Well, there are a number of debates around this topic.  Although the number of people diagnosed with Celiac’s disease in the past few years has quadrupled, many people are questioning if all of these people are actually afflicted or if it is more of a personal diagnosis.  Regardless, we now have items like gluten free tortillas, which are actually pretty tasty, and gluten free wraps, which still do a great job of keeping ingredients together, on the market.