Shadow Fight 3 Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips for Becoming the Greatest Warrior

Shadow fight 3
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Shadow Fight 3 Beginner’s Guide: 5 Tips for Becoming the Greatest Warrior

Shadow Fight 3 has arrived because Nekki has just released the third installment in its popular fighting series for iOS and Android players. A lot has changed between the last version and the new one, and although the modes have changed in this hybrid RPG / fighting game, the theme remains the same: the game takes place in the Japanese feudal era, and you play the role of a hero “whose fate is not yet determined.”

You can customize your character’s gear, learn new moves and participate in various game modes, as well as what Nekki calls “three unique fighting styles”.

Nekki doesn’t lie either when they call the game “deep and immersive”. Besides a fighting game that can get you hooked, it’s also a game where there is so much to learn and so many new mechanics for a long time Shadow Fight players to get used to it. As such, we’ve written our Shadow Fight 3 strategy guide with new players in mind, but we’ve also included enough tips to appeal to mid-level players who have fought their share of fights and have defeated, or are trying to defeat, some of the bosses.

This is not a game for Button-Mashers

While it is extremely easy to learn how to attack in this game, you should not confuse Shadow Fight 3 with the button masher, allowing you to press all the buttons you can press and where you can get good results. You need good timing to attack, and any attack made up of 100% offenses will get you nowhere, unless in many cases the difficulty level already says “Easy.” In other words, you organize your attacks in such a way that they have the best chance of landing. If you remember what we told you in our Shadow Fight 2 guide on how not to attack willy-nilly, you should know exactly what we mean.

Mix your movements

Compared to what we told you in the first tip, it is very important to add variety to your movements. In early versions of Shadow Fight 3, it was easy to play artificial intelligence, as it was enough to press the hit button while backing up (or going down to the left with the controller), and you could easily put your opponent sidelined any type of combat. But recent updates now favor a more nuanced approach; staying with the same old move for almost the entire fight, no matter how effective, will make you beat at the end.

Being unpredictable can help you win fights even when the difficulty level is high, so make sure your shots have variety. try alternating the strike and strike buttons, or try different types of strike with your weapon (as made easier by the joystick at the bottom left and the strike button at the bottom right).

Fight with a counterattack in mind

Even if we are still on the very first point, this is the moment when we will remind you of our old reserve in fighting games. The best attack is a good defense. Again, it will not be in your best interest if you are still on the offensive. Blocking the opponent’s movements is as easy as standing still, but if you back up or move forward, you will remain vulnerable to enemy attack.

You should also see what you can do to counterattack take advantage of the enemy and strike him while he is attempting a follow-up attack. More often than not, you could end up taking a good part of their health bar, or at the very least, breaking a combo that they were trying to put together.

How does the shadow energy work?

As we explained in the overview section, Shadow Fighter 3 now lets you see your character in the flesh rather than as a shadow. And instead of having to combine combinations to fill your Rage Meter and make your shots harder every time this happens, the game now has something it calls “Shadow Energy“. How does it work and what’s in it for you?

If you notice the bluish button next to the hit button, this is what you will get if you want to activate your Shadow Energy, become a shadow for a few seconds, and unleash your special skills, with your stronger regular hits. The shadow energy can only be activated when you have filled the sky blue bar under your health bar; Typically, you can do this faster by varying your movements, as we explained earlier.

Shadow Fight 3

Once you have activated Shadow Energy, you can press the blue arrows on the joystick (each arrow corresponding to a different special skill) and the Shadow Energy button at the same time to initiate these movements and inflict more damage on the enemy. !

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using shadow energy. First of all, being in Shadow mode does not make you invisible, nor does it make you invincible. Your opponent can still see you and can still deal damage to you. Your fictional form simply allows you to launch skills and make your attacks more powerful.

Second, it is best to unleash your special skills once you are within a safe distance from the enemy; throw them too close and your opponent could easily block them by making a stroke himself. Third, certain skills allow you to extend your time in shadow mode; this usually only activates when you get a blow to the head, which makes this action painful but well worth it if you make the most of the bonus time.

How to collect and upgrade equipment

At the start of the game, you will win more often than you lose. Things won’t be too difficult at first, and you may win so often that you could lose track of history. Whether or not this is the case, you will always get a deck of cards after every victory in campaign mode and in side quests – this is the new way to upgrade and collect items for your character. These cards can either correspond to a new object, generally rarer than those which you already have, or be used to improve the objects which you already have.

You can also end up with ability cards, which correspond to the skills you can equip on certain items, existing cards can also be upgraded if you get more of the same card the next time you open a pack.

You will also collect more shadow energy (the blue unit next to your gold and gems in the upper right corner of your screen) as you stack more items and ability cards. Typically, you should only use this resource if it is inexpensive to upgrade, for example, less than 40 to 50 parallel power per upgrade. If not, you can continue to stack cards of the same type, be patient, and improve your equipment and skills in this way.

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