Reasons why Denver roofing companies do repairs in the winter

Denver roof repairWhen you think of Denver roof repairs what comes to mind?   It is mainly something people think about in the summer, or after a big storm.  Most people do not think about doing roof repairs in the winter. But there are plenty of reasons why winter roof repairs are common. It is important that you take note of these reasons below.

1.)The weather conditions in the winter are really tough on your roof.

The harsh weather conditions of a long winter can put added stress on an already faltering roof.  In the winter the temperature fluxuates  and can make your shingles expand and contract. Which can cause crackes and curling in older shingles.  Which can then lead to leaks.

2.) Ice dams can form and cause leaks.

 The winter is the most trying time of the year when it comes to your roof.   Did you know the most common cause of roof damage in the winter is from ice dams?  Which is why Denver roofers are prepared to fix this common roofing problem even in the dead of winter.

3.) Winter conditions means faster service and more affordable prices.

In general Denver roofing companies are not as busy in the winter time and so it is much easier to get them to your home in a timely manner.  Which means your roof repairs will be finished a lot quicker than if you did it in warmer months.

Also, because the demand is a lot less, the roofers are more likely to drop their prices since it is not in season any more.