Our chairs and carpets needed a good cleaning

carpet cleaning

I tried running the vacuum over them, tried using water to dab the spots and stains. I even tried using hairspray to get ink of my favorite arm chair. The result? Smeared stains that looked worse than when I started and when all was said and done, nothing looked any cleaner. It was at that moment I realized I needed to call in the professionals to get the job of cleaning our chairs and carpets done the right way. I learned a lot from the guys at Bakers Chem Dry about upholstery cleaningThere are different approaches to cleaning one fabric over another. The antique chair we have in our front room has silk draped over the backing and arm rests so I was sure they would just avoid this chair altogether. Wrong! It turns out to be the best you have to have the best equipment and that is certainly true of Bakers Chem Dry. When a company can clean a shag rug, a corduroy love seat and every type of rug that we have here, you know they are the best. With a gentle steam wand the technician was able to remove the dirt and debris from the arms of the chair and it currently looks brand new. Bakers Chem Dry does much more than just beautifying your chairs and rugs. They also can help to repair and restore furniture that has undergone water damage. Last year during the heavy rains we had to clear out our basement and have Bakers Chem Dry come in and work their magic.