My teenage son wants a LED display car stereo for the car

My teenage son wants a LED display car stereo for the car that we let him use. Sometimes I think about how I do my parenting where I have my teenage son ask me to buy him a car stereo system, specifically with a LED display.

I think that it is a big enough deal that we bought him a car. My husband and I thought that it would be a good idea to buy him a used car. He has so many activities and a job that it is better for us that he can just get himself everywhere. So far I think that he has done a pretty good job taking care of the car. But now he wants to have this addition on to it.

My husband and I talked about it. We made a final decision on how we were going to go about this. We would tell our teenage son that he can get a car stereo system with a LED display if he comes up with the money to pay for it. It may be our car, but he is using it. If he keeps up with the great care for the car, it will be his officially when he turns eighteen.  I think our son was not sure how to react to this. I think he was pleasantly surprised. This was going to be a great step for him to learn and gain responsibility. Who thought parenting was going to be like this? No one seemed to warn me about teenage boys.