marketing the design

Web design is an interesting thing. I know that I am no more qualified to do this than an one else, but here goes nothing. I had stated on my resume that I had a lot of experience as a designer of web sites and that was a complete lie. I had no experience in any of that. I knew that if I could just be given a job I could do whatever was asked of me and more and I would do it with a smile on my face and I was so thankful for a job for such a long time that I did not think about the fact that once I was int he job that i would have to do all these things that were asked of me. It is really funny how that works. I thought I could just show up and people who had hired me would just like me for who I am and who I could be when I smiled at them/ Surprisingly, this is not the case. People want you to actually live in a place that included the selection of the people who you most cared about. But when you are the person who was working and doing all those things that was asked of you you end up wanting things to go the way that you want them to go. I think that the best part of the people around you are the ones that are doing video marketing. This is very true.