Man Engagement Rings

Since the recent creation of the same-sex marriage bill in the US and laws passed in many places, engagement ring sales have been sky rocketing.  However, it is not your typical diamond ring that is being purchased in all cases, and it certainly isn’t just the ladies getting in on the bling action.

Many male couples have decided to purchase what is affectionately being called “mangagement rings.”  These rings can take on a a variation of shapes, sizes, colors, and stones .Many Denver Jewelry Stores have said that their sales have spiked in the recent weeks for orders that include a single diamond set into a platinum band.  A classic, simple, and modern choice that often looks great on a man’s finger.  Companies are preparing for these rings to increase in orders and sales over the next few weeks and for sales to boom immediately after the law is passed.  Many are predicting that couples are simply just waiting to get engaged until the law passes and then many may want matching engagement bands along with a later purchase of matching wedding bands.

This is an exciting time for same-sex couples along with the rest of the country.  The Diamond Reserve is certainly excited about the upcoming events and we hope that we can provide many happy couples with beautiful diamond rings.  If you are in search of a great place to buy your engagement rings or wedding bands, or even just a special gift, contact us today to make an appointment to sit down in a personal one on one meeting with our diamond expert!