Lower Back Pain Stretches for Anyone

Back pain can bring on some of the worst pain that anyone has ever felt in their life. It can be miserable and it can last a long time without any intention of relief. Lower back pain is the worst because every time you move it seems like your bag was jolted as if you were driving down a bumpy road. The pain can be unbearable. For people who suffer from extreme back pain, there are options. Spine surgeons work on people on a daily basis to help relieve their symptoms. Minimally invasive spine surgery has been completed on millions of people and it might be an option for you to, if you have already tried everything there is to get your back pain to stop. One option you might not have thought about is stretching. Stretching can be helpful for someone dealing with a lot of back pain or just a little bit. Stretching is great for the entire body because it allows the body to release tension and that is important because when out muscles hold onto tension from like say, stress, we end up feeling a lot of pain. Most of the time this tension comes in the form of a headache and other times it shows up in our shoulders, neck and lower back. Here are two great stretches that you can make a part of your daily routine: Your first stretch can be done in bed. Just sit up in the morning, swing your feet over one side of the bed and then arch your back as far back as it will go. This will help to stretch out your back and will leave you feeling great throughout the morning. The second stretch should be done on the floor. You will want to lie on your stomach with your hands on either side of you. You can then do a pushup but do not let you hips or legs leave the floor. You will want your back arched to create a nice stretch.

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