A little known fact is that the Chromebook for kids is the best selling laptop on Amazon for the last two years, in the UK and US. There are no numbers to indicate the number of units that equals, but is it safe to say that it will be a lot?

The idea behind the Chromebook was greeted with some degree of contempt when it was announced, but over time even the most cynical critics had to admit that as a cheap and portable laptop. The Chromebook was not specifically designed for children to use but as a first laptop, it makes an excellent choice.


  • Will cost a lot less than a standard laptop
  • No anti-virus software or constant updates to worry
  • Long battery life
  • Quick Start
  • Online storage
  • Many applications


  • No CD / DVD player
  • You can not use everything that needs to be downloaded
  • Requires a reliable network connection
  • Not as cool as an iPad

WHY A laptop instead of a tablet?

For day-to-day navigation, use of email and Facebook, play games, watch movies, etc. a tablet is the perfect device. However, if you need to create a document like a spreadsheet or write a tablet touchscreen interface test can be a little frustrating and not very effective.

Your kids may prefer the idea of a tablet to a laptop, but as they get older they are very likely to be needed to be able to use a PC or a classic laptop with a traditional keyboard ; and if they can not use a touch screen device, they are likely to be a disadvantage.

Like it or not classic computers with a keyboard are still the best way to do a lot of things in the real world of work and education; so if you are thinking about buying your child the last tablet at least give the possibility of a laptop a serious exam?

CHOICE Chromebook

Chromebook laptops are widely available from a range of High Street and online retailers. Their retail price usually around 300$ or less and one does not need to buy software like anti-virus programs because the Chrome operating system is browser-based and are not stored in the machine itself.

The key points to consider will be the weight of the machine if it will be portable and the power of the processor. Some storage on board (hard disk storage) is required for running applications and the better you get, but because the files are stored in the cloud ‘we do not need as much as you would with a Windows machine.


At the end of the day, the final choice of whether to invest in a laptop will depend on your own current family setting up. If you already have a good-quality desktop PC or laptop in the house, then your children can find a tablet the best choice? But if it’s going to be the only computer, they have access to a laptop so usually makes sense.

More importantly, you will need to consider what your child really wants because if they are keen on the latest cool tablet they can not thank you for making the decision in their absence?

If you are still wondering about the best chromebook for kids selection, we have plenty of advice and reviews for choosing the right chromebook for your children.
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